The decline of Yik Yak on college campuses


Yik Yak

Madison Rexroat

The social media app, Yik Yak, announced Thursday that a significant portion of their team would be laid off. This news bodes ill for the app as it suggests that the popularity of the app is rapidly declining after hitting its peak in 2014.

The app made it to No. 3 on the iOS app charts in 2014, when it was most popular, but has since dropped to No. 447 according to an article by Business Insider

Yik Yak was widely popular among college students almost solely because of the anonymity it offered. Users could post messages that other users in the area could see without attaching their name, which appealed to many students.

However, this anonymity allowed negativity, vulgarity and cyber-bullying to spread among users, which could have contributed to the app’s drop in popularity.

Another cause of this drop is that usernames have become mandatory, threatening the anonymity that once made the app unique.

“It used to be used for good laughs and anonymous compliments and even as a campus news source,” said Brigid Duffy, a junior at the alma mater of Yik Yak creators, Furman University. “The creators also used to visit campus and bring us a ton of stuff, but now it’s pretty much completely lost its footing here.”

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