Trump’s failure

Dalton Stokes

Donald Trump’s promises to the American people have been inconsistent at best, which is interesting seeing how his supporters praise him for speaking his mind. This makes it near impossible to know what his real intentions are. However, let’s assume everything he has said has been sincere.

Consider the most popular cry: “Build the wall and make Mexico pay for it all.” If he makes good on this promise, the American people can expect to have a huge increase in taxes to pay for it because Mexico has no reason.

“Law and order” is another promise made by Trump throughout the debates and his campaigns. He maintains the same hard-on-crime persona that has been consistent with conservative politicians since the Nixon administration— the same promise that has led to mass incarceration in our country and excessive, harsh drug charges. If Trump follows this trend, we can expect to see harsher drug sentences and a harsher reaction to social unrest.

Trump promised to fully repeal Obamacare and replace it with an alternative health care plan. It would seem Trump would rather take a strong stance against something his voters hate rather than compromising and simply revising Obamacare to iron out its imperfections. This will most likely result in chaos in our healthcare system until a new system is implimented.

The newly elected president has promised universal tax cuts, but mostly to the top .01 percent. This is an attempt to implement “trickle down economics,” which was historically implemented by President Ronald Reagan. The justification is that freeing up money will give corporations more leeway to hire people and give them better wages.

What the American people can expect from the Trump administration is muddled, so we can anticipate to see all all or none of his promises actually come to fruition. It will probably be better on the American people if they don’t.

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