Cyprus: Not just “another” Greek Island

Sea caves near Ayia Napa.

Justina Shores

Have you ever heard of Cyprus? If you have, then you may assume it is just a small Greek island off the coast. If you haven’t, then you are missing out completely on a beautiful country. Notice I said country? Because no, Cyprus is not just another Greek island. It is its own country that is half Greek, but the northern side is actually Turkish.  

Cyprus has some of the best beaches in the world, and with it being in the Mediterranean Sea, the water is a bright shade of blue even on cloudy days. One of the most popular beaches on the island is Nissi Beach. The sand is clean and the water is clear, with a small island in the bay area that you can swim or walk out to, depending on the tide. This beach is just 5 minutes from the main party city, Ayia Napa.  

Just a short distance from Nissi Beach, there are multiple cliff diving rocks along the shore for anyone who is up for the jump. Pictured to the right are the main sea caves near Ayia Napa. This is one of the highest jumps that you can make, but it’s worth it if you want an adrenaline rush! You can also walk or swim into the caves that surround the water. Each one holds a mystery of what you might see inside.

Last but not least, Cyprus has the Troodos Mountain range, including Mount Olympus. At over 6,000 feet tall, you can see across most of the island to the north and south on a clear day. In the summer, you can hike and visit the small towns around the mountains. In the winter, you can ski or snowboard, and you can still go to the top of Mt. Olympus for the view!  

Cyprus may be an island in the Mediterranean Sea, but it truly offers the best of both worlds: beautiful beaches all around and mountains throughout the heart of the island. Whether you are looking for a winter vacation in a slightly warmer destination or a summer vacation that is different than most others, I always recommend checking out Cyprus.