Student calls for Valentine’s Day challenge

Christian Farmer

To the Kernel:

Everyone* in our generation wants to help. Whether it’s recycling, racial justice, marching for peace or rights, we are an activist generation. We want to love others and change the world. We collectively set out to fix the problems we’ve inherited from our ancestors. Then a thought came to mind: What if THIS Valentine’s Day witnessed one of the most revolutionary days of activism yet?

This is one of the motives behind Porn Free Campus. 

The Barna Group recently released a major study on the use of pornography in our culture and I was shocked to see statistics showing:

  • how pornography contributes to the proliferation of racism
  • how pornography promotes inequality amongst women and restricts women’s rights
  • how pornography enables child-slavery worldwide

This is why I’m not surprised to see celebrities like Pamela Anderson, Russell Brand, Terry Crews and Rashida Jones speaking out against pornography.

Religious leaders have long spoken out against porn, but when even GQ magazine, a magazine written for the alpha-male, one-night-stand guy, writes articles against pornography (, then it would seem like something is up. Maybe this isn’t just a religious conviction. Maybe there is more to this story.

The basic idea of Porn Free Campus is that LOVE IS SELF-LESS, PORN IS SELFISH.

That’s why Porn Free Campus is calling on all of UK—yes, everyone here—to commit to becoming a one-day, porn-free campus. On Valentine’s Day, let’s show true love by turning off our phones and blocking those websites. Instead, take someone out to dinner. Hold the door open for a friend.

Simply commit yourself to displaying any act of love, but don’t look at porn. Because that’s not loving. Especially on Valentine’s Day, let’s make sure Love wins.

If you want to join in this commitment, just go to  

To the generation of social change, let’s make a statement on this campus!

 -Christian Farmer

*almost everyone