Donut Madness invades North Lime

The 2017 Donut Madness bracket pits some of North Lime’s most popular donuts against each other.

Belle Kendrick

It may be March Madness, but Lexington residents are going mad for delectable donuts rather than basketball.

Bringing in crowds for their unique flavors, North Lime Coffee & Donuts has its own March Madness fun by making brackets for its own donuts.

For the last three years, North Lime has been having a Donut Madness to prepare patrons for the actual basketball tournament that happens later in March. They make a bracket just like a basketball one, but instead of having sports teams they have their signature donuts.

“We love keeping up with March Madness,” North Lime assistant manager Shelbie Withers said. 

During Donut Madness, each day there are new “games” with two donuts against each other to see which one will be able to make it to the finals.

To participate in Donut Madness, simply fill out a bracket. Each day two different donut specials will be competing against each other, and whichever one gets the most sales wins for that day and moves on to the next round.  

North Lime is known for their unique donuts such as Pulled Pork, Bourbon Eggnog and its three-time returning champion, Maple Bacon. According to Withers, customers love when Donut Madness goes on because there are many flavors that are seasonal at North Lime that come out during this time.

Even though Donut Madness started on March 3, there is still time to stop in at North Lime and try special flavors to contribute to who wins the remaining rounds. The winner of the bracket gets a $50 gift card to North Lime Coffee & Donuts, and the runner-up gets a $25 gift card.