Missy’s Pies’ sweet beginnings


Missy’s Pies is a local pie shop located on High Street in Lexington.

Samantha Robinson

Missy’s Pies is a longtime favorite of Lexington that has produced high-quality pies for the last 28 years. 

Owner Robert Ramsey opened Missy’s Pies in 1989 to accommodate the dessert needs of his new restaurant Ramsey’s, which was once on High Street. 

Ramsey took the open space next to Ramsey’s when it became available and asked his lead prep cook, Missy, if she wanted to help run the pie shop. Ramsey was going to give Missy 75 percent of the pie shop business, however, two days after the opening of Missy’s Pies, Ramsey found a letter from Missy entailing that she was moving to Connecticut and getting married. Ramsey was then in the pie business.

Today, Missy’s Pies is located on East High Street, across from its original location. Missy’s Pies moved three years ago to a new space because it provided more room to bake the pies. Barbara Pollite is the manager at Missy’s Pies, where she’s worked for 12 years. 

“We do 150 pies a day and over 1,000 a week and at most we can make 1,000 pies in a day,” Pollite said. 

Missy’s Pies has a staff of six people, including Pollite. During the holidays, Pollite borrows some of the employees from Ramsey’s to help with the pie demand. Missy’s Pies sells over 2,500 pies to the public during Thanksgiving, the biggest holiday for the store. All four of Ramsey’s restaurants are also supplied with 500-600 pies a week.

Missy’s Pies also bakes pies for weddings. They do at least one wedding every weekend in the summer, sometimes two or three. Pollite said people will bring in their own dishes or tiered stands for them to use for the pie displays. 

The pie menu started with the chocolate brownie pie, the signature pie at Missy’s Pies and the peanut butter pie. The “combo pie” was created on accident one day when the chocolate brownie pies were made without enough filling. Instead of throwing the pies away, Missy’s Pies added peanut butter filling on top, thus creating the combo pie. 

Pollite uses local ingredients in the pies. The cream pies use cream from Udderly Kentucky milk and the cheesecakes use local duck eggs. The pie menu at Missy’s Pies has a variety of pies, including a cheesecake of the day and a pie of the month. April’s pie is lemon delight. The pie of the month for May is lemon chess, along with a sugar-free black cherry pie. 

“I think people see us as a high-quality product. We use the best ingredients we can and we’re very consistent, and we have a wide variety of pies,” Ramsey said. 

Ramsey wants to maintain the quality that Missy’s Pies produces and he said he does not have any plans to grow Missy’s Pies in the future.