Canadian universities gaining popularity among American students

Madison Rexroat

The joke that we’d all move to Canada if Trump won the presidency seems to be coming to life for some American students, but politics aren’t the only reason for the move.

Canada’s international student population increased by 92 percent between 2008 and 2015 and this fall, Canadian schools will welcome more international students – and more Americans – than ever. Some schools have seen almost a 50 percent increase in international undergraduate enrollment.

This increase could easily be associated with the new U.S. president, but there’s actually an even more compelling reason: money. Tuition is often lower than comparable U.S. schools, even for would-be in-state students. Even though international students must pay higher tuition than Canadian students, the currency exchange gives U.S. students an automatic discount of 26 percent. Scholarships are also less competitive and life during and after college is less politically influenced. 

Other countries are sending more students to Canada, too, with a 75 percent increase from India and 60 percent from the Middle East.

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