New country star to perform pre-tour kickoff concert at Big Whiskey


Photo taken from Stephanie Quayle’s official Facebook 

Becky Feigin

Country star Stephanie Quayle is performing at Big Whiskey this Saturday, May 20 before she sets off on her summer tour. 
You may not have heard the name Stephanie Quayle before, but give it a few months and she will be everywhere.
Quayle began singing as a little kid and realized she wanted to make a living out of it while she was going to high school on an exchange program in SwitzerlandWhile there, Quayle tried out to be the lead singer of a local band and being on stage made her realize how much she loved the energy of a crowd while singing. 
“When I got on stage my first time playing with these guys, I just knew this would be my life,” Quayle said. 
This realization lead to Quayle pursuing a music career when she moved back to the states. 
“I was just on fire for music after that program,” Quayle said. 
Quayle is originally from Montana where she grew up riding horses and spending her summers traveling from Montana to Minnesota in her grandparents’ RV to stay on the lake. Her experiences as a kid really helped to shape her into the person she is today. 
Having experienced RV life as a kid, Quayle has partnered with Kampgrounds of America for her summer tour. She feels as though this was the perfect fit because it really brings her back to her roots. 
“KOA was just the perfect fit because KOA campers and country listeners, we are all the same family,” Quayle said. 
Quayle’s first single to hit the radio was “Drinking With Dolly,” which is an ode to all the female country stars that she grew up listening to. 
“It was fun to watch the memories this song provoked for people,” Quayle said on her reaction to “Drinking With Dolly” playing on the radio. 
Rolling Stone recently named Quayle a new artist that needs to be known. When she first discovered she was on Rolling Stone’s radar, she couldn’t believe it. She jokingly said that when she first found out, she decided she needed to wait until it was in print to tell people “just in case they got the wrong Stephanie.”
“To be recognized for my musicality and all those different things I’ve been working so hard for is a huge honor,” she said of being acknowledged by Rolling Stone. 
Quayle refers to her fans as the Flock of Quayle. She is most looking forward to seeing all of her fans during her tour. She enjoys to hear people’s stories and discover what brought them to her music. 
“We’re building this really special tribe of people that all come together for the same reason and it’s fun to watch on social media because a lot of these people I don’t get to meet personally,” Quayle said about her Flock of Quayle. 
Quayle’s show in Lexington this weekend is a pre-tour kickoff concert and it will begin at 7 p.m. She used to come to Lexington to do horse events, so she is really looking forward to being back to perform her music.