Calipari provides update on Vanderbilt and Fox’s families in Houston


Head coach John Calipari watches his team during the open practice at Baker’s Life Fieldhouse on Thursday, March 16, 2017 in Indianapolis, In.

Chris Leach

Over the weekend, Hurricane Harvey delivered massive amounts of rain to the southeast Texas area. There was a reported 30 inches of rain dropped along the storms path, with some areas receiving upwards to 50 inches of rain.

One of the areas that was hit the hardest was Houston. Many people’s lives in the area have been massively affected by the storm, including some who have ties to UK.

Current basketball player Jarred Vanderbilt and his family are from Houston. John Calipari told media on Monday morning that Vanderbilt’s family drove to Houston before the storm hit to avoid the danger. 

The Cats also have other connections that were impacted by the storm, such as De’Aaron Fox, Andrew and Aaron Harrison, whose families are all from the Houston area.

Calipari said that he has reached out to Fox’s and the Harrison twins’ family, as well but has not received an update back yet from either of them. 

Calipari also has checked in on Marcus Camby, who resides in the Houston area but has not heard back from him either.

Five have died as a result from the storm, with the number expected to rise once the damage is assessed. There is also more rain on the way, according to forecasts.

“It looks like it’s just going to get worse,” Calipari said. “The worst part will be when the flooding recedes and those houses are all – if you don’t get back in there and deal with the mold you might as well tear down the house. 

Calipari also revealed that he planned to take some recruiting trips in the area on Sept. 10, but now might have to change his plans. Aside from the recruiting trips, Calipari hopes FEMA has the tools they need to fix the damage in southeast Texas.

“It appears as though they’ve learned their lesson from Katrina, because they’re like, ‘everything they need, we have this, we have that, we have this,’ but this is going to be different because it’s going to be here for another week,” Calipari said.