UK hosts blood drive, donates to disaster relief

Sophomore Maddie Bland donated blood at the Singletary Center for the Arts at University of Kentucky in Lexington, Ky. on Monday, Aug. 28, 2017. Photo by Josh Mott | Staff.

Kayla Coco

Bringing relief to the victims of Hurricane Harvey’s rainy terror does not have to involve heroic feats worthy of an action film.

Starting on Monday, UK’s campus is hosting a blood drive through the Kentucky Blood Center that gives students, staff and all other curious donors the chance to aid in disaster relief for the southern half of the nation.

Danielle Davis, a phlebotomist working Monday’s event at the Singletary Center, remarked on the impact these efforts would have on individual relief in areas that have been struck hard by the tropical storm, like Texas. Davis has been working for the Kentucky Blood Center for a year, dedicating her time to the nonprofit that ensures safe blood supplies for the state of Kentucky.

“Donations have gone up due to the hurricane,” Davis said.

Davis said the Kentucky Blood Center is extending their efforts to disaster relief, allowing students to donate their blood in hopes of saving lives affected by Hurricane Harvey. The organization is sending donations received this week to areas in need.

Students like Colleen McKnight, a neuroscience sophomore, donate because “it’s something that doesn’t take a lot of time that makes a big difference.”

McKnight, who is working her way toward medical school, uses blood donations as a way of “literally saving someone’s life,” she said.

McKnight said that she was using blood donations as a way of helping others while she studied her way to her doctorate degree. Although she said that her least favorite part was the needle going into her arm, the discomfort was worthwhile because, “it is a cool way to give back in a smaller way.”

The Kentucky Blood Center is holding donations until Sept. 1, and all are welcome to participate in giving relief to those who need it. Regardless of whether you are miles or minutes away from the downpour of Hurricane Harvey, you can help any person in need with what flows through your veins.