Interview preparation key to student success


Via Pixabay.

Sierra Hatfield

I recently had the pleasure of playing the role of the interviewer rather than interviewee. As I met with students who wanted to work in SGA’s Campus Services, I came across many of UK’s best, brightest and most motivated students. This gave me the opportunity to offer pieces of advice to students preparing for their next interview.

First, students should always come prepared to an interview with thoughtful questions about the position or the organization. Asking questions demonstrates a genuine interest and leaves a great first impression.

If a student is comfortable enough, it is a good idea to ask the interviewer about their experiences in the organization. This makes the interview feel more relaxed and opens the door for personal stories or observations.

Next, it is best to always be prepared for the question, “Why do you want to be here?”

Too often, students know they want a position but are less able to articulate why. It may be tempting to be honest and gush about how neat the title sounds or how well the job pays, but that won’t work.

A student should have a rehearsed statement or story that illustrates what interests them about the position, how it ties into their previous experiences, and what they hope to gain from it.

Having this pitch in your applicant arsenal will help prevent any awkward fumbling of words during the most important question of the interview.

Finally, a student’s resume is the key to the kingdom.

The format of a resume is very important. Color and well-organized sections make a resume pop, while a three-page bullet list of every honor held in high school and beyond will get it dropped.

For additional help in giving a resume a professional makeover, students should check out the Stuckert Career Center or the Gatton College of Business and Economics.

Above all, students should remember to be yourself, be confident and to always send a thank you following every interview.