More bike parking, better security: Transportation Services adds bike parking to campus, emphasizes benefits



Cathryn Perini

UK Transportation Services upgraded biking facilities across campus.

More than 400 new bicycle parking spaces were added to campus. Most of the new spaces were added for University Flats and Lewis Hall, more than half of which are covered. Twenty new spaces were added to Kroger Field West Blue Lot Bus Shelter and 20 more were added near Woodland Glen 2.

Aside from adding new spaces, UK Transportation Services has taken steps toward making existing bike parking more secure and efficient. Two hundred spaces have been upgraded.

To avoid having bicycles stolen, students are encouraged to keep them securely locked.

“Always lock up your bike, even if you will only be away from it for a minute,” UK Transportation Communications Officer Chrissie Tune said.

Bicycle repair stations were transferred from South Campus Commons to Agricultural Science Center North. Repair stations are also located on Patterson Drive, at Blazer Dining, the UK College of Nursing, the William T. Young Library, the Johnson Center, the Rose Street Garage and adjacent to the Oswald building, according to UKNow.

Wildcat Wheels Bicycle Library (WWBL) has been renovated to be more bike friendly. WWBL is located on the first floor of Blazer Dining. Free checkout and repair are also included.

Students have been taking notice of the new bicycle accommodations on campus.

“There’s an abundance of spots,” sophomore Yeinye Soko said.

A bicycle voucher program was established in 2015 that gives up to 100 students and employees four $100 vouchers. Participants can use the vouchers at local bicycle shops to purchase a bike or gear for a bicycle they already own. They receive ten scratch-off parking passes and the opportunity to buy 40 scratch-off permits when they need a car on campus.

Students do have the opportunity to back out of the voucher program.

“Those who drop out of the bike voucher program may need to repay a portion of their voucher if it has already been used,” Tune said.

Scratch-off permits are one day passes that resemble a scratch-off lottery ticket which, when scratched, reveals the day, month and year in which it can be used.

The permits cost $3.50 and are only valid in non-gated surface lots and parking structures.

The goal of the bicycle voucher program is to reduce the number of single-occupancy motor vehicle trips to, from and around campus, and to promote modes of transportation that save money, foster healthier lifestyles and have lower environmental impacts, according to UK Transportation Services.

To be eligible for the voucher program, students must return their current parking permit to Transportation Services and sign a two-year car-free commitment that makes the participant ineligible to purchase a new motor vehicle permit for two full years.

Students will be able to return their permit for a pro-rated refund. Residential students are not eligible to participate in the bicycle voucher system. Participants must have an expected graduation year of at least two years after the signing of the car-free commitment.