UK Education Abroad helps students prepare to study abroad

Cathryn Perini

A UK Education Abroad & Exchanges workshop helped students prepare to study abroad.

“This event is meant to help students who want to go abroad but may not be sure how to fund it, how to budget their own money or how to find scholarships and other ways to get abroad,” Olivia Ellis, Education Abroad Office Manager, said.

The schedule consisted of three sessions: Budgeting for Your Program, Searching for Your Scholarships and Writing Your Essay.

The budgeting session outlined the cost of the program, how to budget to afford studying abroad and how to manage money before and during your term abroad.

There was also the opportunity to receive tips on how to make their scholarship essay stand out, as well as a helpful tutorial for finding scholarships that work best for each student.

The Writing Center will help students review and edit their scholarship essays for studying abroad. Representatives from the Writing Center were helping students get signed up.

For each session attended, students had the opportunity to put an additional ticket into a raffle with the chance to win a flight voucher.

To learn more about the study abroad programs, students can visit the Education Abroad office in 315 Bradley Hall.

“If they [students] are entirely new to the process I would recommend going to a First Step Session,” Rebecca Blair, a UK Education Abroad staff member, said. 

First Step Sessions are held Mondays and Tuesdays at 4 p.m. and Wednesdays and Thursdays at 3 p.m. Peer advisors are available to talk to students, as well as their Education Abroad advisor.

“I’d like to get a chance to go somewhere else for school that isn’t UK while still attending UK,” theater freshman Erin Fannin said.

The deadlines for applying for study abroad scholarships are Oct. 1 for the winter and spring terms, Dec. 1 for New Horizons, Feb. 1 for summer and April 1 for fall.

To contact the Education Abroad office, email [email protected], call (859) 257-4067 or visit their website.