Pure Barre raises the bar for full body workout



Belle Kendrick

Let’s leave the dumbbells and weights behind and get used to the rapidly growing marvel of barre workouts. Get used to seeing more of the ballet bar because Pure Barre workouts are making their way into the everyday lives of Americans today.

In case you aren’t familiar, barre classes are workouts where you use all bodyweight for your exercise. At Pure Barre classes, you use a variety of lightweight dumbbells, exercise bands and medicine balls periodically, but the majority of the classes are bodyweight only.

Adding a new twist to working out, the classes consist of using a ballet bar to help keep your balance, exercising your bodyweight to create balance and isometric strength by doing high reps of small muscle movements.

Learning more about this phenomenon, I took a friend and we did a free week of classes trial at Pure Barre.

Silvia Todorova, a devotee to yoga and pilates classes, came with me to the free week of classes and become a lover of barre.

“I like to switch up my workouts which is why I enjoy Pure Barre so much, they have different instructors and classes that make the workouts more pleasant and interesting,” Todorova said.

However, if you are the type of person that feels that you need to perspire in order to feel like you’ve worked out, barre may not be for you. Although you’re working your muscles and definitely feel the soreness the next day, there is not much perspiring going on.

At Pure Barre, the instructors make you feel welcome in their environment and make sure that you are comfortable throughout their workout. As newcomers, my friend and I both felt that the instructors were happy to help us throughout the workout, which was comforting because it these types of exercises were something that took some getting used to.

Pure Barre adds a new spin on body weight working out classes. By going to classes on a regular basis, you will naturally see results. Making sure that you are staying healthy by keeping up with your fitness is an essential element to your overall health, and is something that everyone needs to keep in mind.

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