UK-themed murals raise money for charity


Geoff Murphy creates a mural rendition of a credit card on Saturday, September 9, 2017 outside Kroger Field in Lexington, Kentucky. Arden Barnes | Staff

Rick Childress

Three UK-themed murals, made outside Kroger Field, will be signed by UK coaches and used for charitable giving. The murals are six-feet-tall, UK-themed Visa credit cards.

Lesley Catron, the Marketing Manager at Central Bank, said each card will be signed by several UK coaches including Coach Calipari and Coach Stoops. One mural will be raffled off to a lucky fan, one will be given to the UK Alumni Association and the other will be given to a charity chosen by Central Bank.

According to Catron, the murals can be auctioned off by the charity and the UK Alumni Association for fundraising purposes.

Catron said the murals are not only being created for charitable purposes but also to help promote Central Bank’s new partnership with the UK Alumni Association.  

“It’s to grab people’s attention that’s why we’re doing it,” Catron said. “And all the funds go to a good cause.”

Central Bank commissioned local artists, Geoff Murphy and Graham Allen, to paint the murals outside Kroger Field in the hours leading up to UK’s home opener against EKU.

The murals were painted in a graffiti style, much like the other murals that Murphy and Allen have done together. Allen said the pair have done murals for several local businesses including Pazzo’s, The Bear and the Butcher and Kennedy’s Bookstore.

“We’ve developed our talents a little bit so that we’re catering a little more to corporate identity work,” Allen said. “People obviously appreciate the style.”

The murals were getting a lot of attention from passing UK fans.

“It’s been really great,” Catron said. “We had some little kids out here shaking the spray paint cans for the artists. We’ve been swamped here at our table since eight o’ clock this morning.”