Why UK football won’t win the SEC East


Kentucky running back Benny Snell Jr. runs the ball in for a touchdown during the game against Georgia on Saturday, November 5, 2016 in Lexington, Ky. Photo by Hunter Mitchell | Staff


Georgia is the short answer to the possibility of UK Football contending in the SEC East. However, finishing second or third is not far-fetched for this year’s Cats team.

While the Bulldogs sit pretty as the most talented team in the East, the fight for second and third is being contested currently by Florida, UK and South Carolina.

There are several scenarios that could take place as the Cats finish the season out.

Scenario 1:

The Cats pay homage to the 2014 season by losing the last six games. No bowl. No rival victories. Just leaving a season that began with so much promise heading into the bye week with nothing but a bitter taste in the mouths of UK fans.

Scenario 2:

On the other, equally ridiculous side, the Cats win out the rest of the season, toppling the mighty Bulldogs and defeating in-state rival Louisville en route to their first apparent shot at a conference championship since 1976. Even in this made-up scenario, I can’t bring myself to write the possibility of the Cats beating Alabama.

Scenario 3:

This is the scenario that I’d put money on. The Cats beat Tennessee at home, then go to get demolished by the Bulldogs in Athens. The Cats finish with a 6-2 SEC record, one game ahead of Florida for second place. That’s assuming, of course, that the Gators also lose when they host Georgia on the 28th.

Scenario 4:

This is the next most likely scenario that the Cats can face. They drop the game in Athens, and then lose another embarrassing matchup to either Tennessee, Ole Miss or Vanderbilt to finish third ahead of South Carolina. This scenario still assumes, of course, that Georgia steamrolls the rest of the conference.

It’s hard to deny that the Cats have a good thing going. While they seem to win all their games by the slimmest of margins, they still have a good number of wins and seem to be heading to a bowl this postseason. A high finish in the SEC East isn’t very far-fetched for this team that likes to keep the fans waiting until the last possession to decide the game.