Underground UK: Usher in a new semester with free movies


The Late Night Film Series 2015 schedule. These free movies will now be shown in Memorial Hall, rather than the Student Center.

Megan Brown

Going to the movies has become a commodity that few college students can afford due to overpriced tickets and bank breaking concession prices. According to the National Association of Theater Owners, the average price for a movie ticket in 2017 is $8.95 and this number fails to include the exuberant prices of popcorn, candy and sodas. With those prices and college student’s tight budgets, it may be difficult to find the money to go see a movie. However, The UK Student Center provides a service for students that offers free movies throughout the semester.

The Late Night Film Series gives students a free, front row seat to new and classic movies alike. Since the fall of 2015 Memorial Hall (located on Funkhouser Drive) has provided students, facility and even guests a diverse range of movies for free. The movie theater-like atmosphere and big screen gives students the feel of being in a movie theater without the expensive price tag. Movies happen between 7 and 10 p.m. on Thursday and Friday nights, but periodically there will be showings on days other than these.

The series also provides students with an incentive program to encourage them to come to movies. When going to their first movie, students will receive a punch card and will be given a hole punch for every movie they attend. After three movies, students will be awarded a free snack and after six movies students can get one of three t-shirts. The designs in the fall collection feature a squirrel and other symbols that are iconic with cinema like a movie reel, popcorn and ticket.

The series also sometimes does giveaways at certain movies such as Wonder Woman exclusive posters. For students who do not have three hole punches, they can buy traditional movie theater snacks for a dollar.

The movie schedule is posted online at the beginning of each semester. Some highlights of movies this semester include, “The Hitman’s Bodyguard,” Oct. 6, “IT,” Nov. 16 and “Office Christmas Party,” Nov. 30. The full schedule of movies can be found online at https://www.uky.edu/studentcenter/lnfs. More information on what movies are playing and giveaways can also be found on The Late Night Film Series Facebook, Instagram and Twitter pages. Finally, there are posters located around campus that explain what movies are happening and when.

The Late Night Film Series will be moving into the new student center once the renovations are done in 2018. The theater will feature state of the art equipment such as surround sound, stadium seating and 4K resolution and will be “among the best in the region,” according to Zach Lamb, the Late Night Film Series Lead Coordinator.

Being in college does not mean students should have to give up one of their hobbies because of the price. The next time students want to go out to the movies they should consider the Late Night Film Series to usher in savings.