Go to Memorial and cheer one of the Top 5 volleyball teams in the NCAA


Avery Skinner, Ashley Dusek, and Madison Lilley celebrate a point during the match against Texas A&M on Wednesday, October 11, 2017 in Lexington, Ky. Kentucky won 3-0. Photo by Chase Phillips | Staff

Cheering for the UK volleyball team is the new fad in Lexington, Kentucky. 

Yes, UK is forming as a volleyball powerhouse in the NCAA.

On Oct. 15, head coach Craig Skinner brought his teams to Gainesville to play the number one team in the nation in Florida and returned the W home. To top it all off, the women had a chance to sweep the number one team. Watching this on television was a spectacular scene as Florida got a beat down which helped with my sanity after the grueling football loss last month.

After the UK Volleyball team’s victory, it went from the top 10 to the top five. But is this a shock? The past couple of years the group has evolved into something special, a contender for the national title. Last year, we came so close, but this year everything is clicking. This year, the team is 19 to 2. 

Some star players to watch during the games are first Leah Edmond, Lexington bred. She’s a sight to see; she can do anything on the floor, you can see Edmond make the most awesome shots. The ball comes off her hand as fast as Aroldis Chapman’s fastball. You cannot blink when she’s around the ball. Every time that ball hits an opponent’s forearm it’s a loud boom which has to hurt. What makes it worse is her vertical. She can go off any time; you have been warned.

Another player that makes an impact night in and night out is Kaz Brown. The sophomore has already received 500 blocks in her campaign at Kentucky and is forming to be the Anthony Davis of Kentucky Volleyball. This makes her special in the defense. Brown would be near the net all game just blocking spikes and sometimes hit the opponents face due to her impeccable accuracy. It’s a rare occasion if a ball goes past this Iowa native.

Player’s like Brown and Edmond shape what this team has and its grit. After not going to the tournament last year, they have something to prove in the very competitive SEC play.

So, what is the setting you will get into if you come to Memorial Coliseum on Gameday? During a UK volleyball game, which is free for all UK students with an ID, you get a game and a show. While in the student section, you can see men in speedos and nothing else. Yes, nothing else. Someone may see this a being wrong, but it’s hilarious when you see the swim team run to the opponents’ side and try to get into their head as they attempt to serve.

Another fun reason to attend volleyball games is to hear the UK Athletic Band play the UK Fight song. Not to mention, you get free swag in many games as a promotion.

So, it doesn’t take a lot to come and cheer for your Cats at Memorial Coliseum. It is not only a quality game to watch but if you want to laugh get to Memorial on Nov. 1 as we see the UK vs. Florida rematch. Get ready to get loud!

“It’s time to play volleyball!!”