Sprinkle on some chia seeds for an energy upgrade

Belle Kendrick

Despite their minute size, chia seeds are among the most wholesome foods in the world. Packing fiber, protein and low calories, chia seeds are the perfect topping on any meal, or by themselves.


By providing sustainable energy after consumption, chia seeds are a great pre-workout or beginning-of-the-day snack to boost your energy throughout the day. Although these seeds are tiny, they pack mighty nutritional benefits for your body.


Aside from being low in calories and loaded with protein, chia seeds are stuffed with antioxidants and minerals that create both short and long-term health benefits. They provide an energy boost, as well as endurance, to get you through the long school or work day.


The greatest part about chia seeds is that the antioxidants received from consuming the seeds help replace the nutrients that people lose while working out. With a boost of energy and a revitalization of nutrients, chia seeds are a great way to prepare for your workout.


Claire Johnson, a regular consumer of chia seeds, explained how she adds them to her daily diet.


“At the beginning of the week I always make chia seed pudding that I eat throughout the week,” Johnson said. “The chia seeds always give me some extra energy to get me through both my workout and my school day.”


There are many different ways to add chia seeds to your diet, whether it be making a pudding like Johnson, or simply adding the seeds onto everyday foods. These tiny additions can be a fruit topper, yogurt add-in, peanut butter toast companion, and much more. There is an infinite amount of ways to incorporate chia seeds into your diet.

Chia seeds are a perfect way to begin your day with a sustainable snack to give you momentum throughout your exercise, work or school day. There are many times when people are in a rush in the morning and can’t make breakfast, but chia seeds are a quick and easy way to add some substance to your meal. By enhancing your meals with chia seeds, you will receive countless lifelong health benefits.