Unpopular opinion: Taylor Swift is overrated



Hey Taylor, look what you made me do: Write an article about my disdain for you as a musician because it wouldn’t be fair to dislike you entirely without knowing you.

First things first, I will openly admit I have, and sometimes still do, sing along to Taylor Swift songs on occasion when my roommates blast one of her tracks on a drive to Columbus. I will also admit I immediately regret it and judge myself.

There are three things that make Taylor Swift, in my opinion, one of the most obnoxious musicians in America: She complains publicly, she thinks she’s cool and she seems to have sold out. Is she the first to check all of these boxes in the industry? Of course not, but she just might be the worst.

Every single person in America has complained about something at one point in their life or another. I personally complain at least once every half hour. However, when you are a public figure and complain when Kim Kardashian exposes you to the public, you automatically get put on my bad list. No one did you bad, girl, you just got caught up in a lie.

Next, Swift thinks she has this innocent, yet undeniable type of swagger that gives her street credit. Going from country music princess to Beyoncé wannabe, I don’t necessarily blame her for trying. When she chopped off her curly locks and traded them in for a bold bob and bleached eyebrows that literally no one can pull off, something seemed to have shifted in her demeanor for the worst. Taylor started walking around like she owned the place, and some would argue she does. But just because you have a “squad” of goddesses on your side does not mean you’re cool, it means you’re insecure.

Last, but certainly not least, is the fact that Taylor Swift sold out to the modern music industry that cares more about selling records to millennials than the substance of a song. While she hasn’t always been my favorite artist, at least the old Taylor tried to give her music and videos meaning. Now, in her latest album, she is attempting to go too big and attack all of her “haters,” instead of focusing on what used to make music good. Maybe hating on her for selling out to make a buck makes me sound bitter, or maybe it’s just a good point.

Hating on Taylor Swift might seem like one of the pettiest things a girl with single digits in her bank account could write, because it is. But hey, girl, the players are going to “play play play play play,” and the haters are going to “hate hate hate hate hate.” All you Taylor Swift fans out there, I’m sure you’ll shake it off.

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