Underground UK: How to find the perfect parking spot

Megan Brown

Have you ever felt personally victimized by UK parking? UK Parking Control Officers are constantly on patrol, ticketing unsuspecting drivers and booting or towing illegally parked vehicles. The common consensus among UK’s campus is parking needs to expand or become more accessible. However, because UK shows no indication of parking reform, students should know alternatives for parking on and around campus so they can save time and money.

The most common parking permit is K lot which is the lot at Kroger Field. However, for students on north campus, the 30 minute trek both ways and the expensive pass is more of an inconvenience than an amenity. As an alternative, students can park downtown. LEXPARK offers garage parking at a monthly rate for a variety of spots around campus with prices ranging from 60 to 85 dollars. For students living in Jewell and Blazer, LEXPARK has a garage between N. Limestone and S. Martin Luther King. There are also individual organizations downtown that offer monthly parking. For example, there is a lot next to Rupp Arena that provides monthly parking for 40 dollars.

For students who have permits, the valid parking locations may not be practical for all their situations. If a student is running late to class or going to a campus event, to accommodate their needs they may have to park illegally in a lot not valid with their permit. When this happens students have the option of accepting they will get a ticket or parking in their designated lot and being late. However, instead of spending 25 dollars on a ticket or risking showing up to class and events late, students can buy multiple scratch-off permits from Transportation Services. For only $3.50, students will be able to park in any lot that does not have a gate for the day. Students can keep these passes in their car and when they are ready to use them scratch off the date. Not only does this option save students 20 dollars, but it will also save them the time of having to pay the ticket or picking their car up from the impound lot.

Other general tips to follow include reading the signs posted outside of garages and lots because most open up on the weekends and so do the parking meters around campus. Parking meters are also free from 5:30 p.m. to 8:00 a.m. on weekdays.

Parking is such a hassle that some students will not bring their cars to campus, but this is not an option for the students who need their cars to go to work or travel back home. As UK’s campus continues to grow, parking will need to expand with it. Do not be a victim of UK parking, and find your perfect parking spot with one of these untraditional alternatives.