Just Jill, Not Julia: Warm up with a twist on grilled cheese and tomato soup bisque

Warm up with a twist on a cold day favorite– tomato soup and grilled cheese. 

Nothing is better than a grilled cheese and tomato soup on a cold day, and it’s so easy to make.

To turn that easy classic into a five-star meal, read below on how to make gourmet grilled cheese and tomato bisque.

This meal is for two. All ingredients can be found at Kroger and buying Kroger brand items can save you money.



– Sourdough bread (24 oz. = $2.99)

– 8 slices of pepper jack cheese (6oz. $1.99)

– 1 large avocado ($1.69 ea.)

– 3 pieces of bacon (12 oz. = $2.99)

– 4 slices of chipotle chicken (Hillshire Farms 8 oz. = $3.29)

– 4 tbsp. butter

– salt & pepper


– 1 can of Campbell’s tomato soup (10.75 oz. = $1.00)

– 1 can of crushed peeled tomatoes with juice (14.5 0z. = $0.49)

– 1/3 cup whipping cream (1/2 pint = $1.49)


– 2 tbsp. olive oil

– Dash of hot sauce

– Dash of pepper

Cooking Materials:

– Medium to large pot

– Skillet or sauce pan with fitting lid

For the soup:

1. In a medium sized pot on medium heat, pour the can of tomato soup, a can of water, and the can of crushed tomatoes with juice. Use a fork to whisk together so the soup has a smooth consistency. Keep on stove top until you can feel heat coming off. The soup will start to steam and bubble a little. Continue to stir or whisk so it doesn’t burn to the bottom of the pot. The low temperature will allow the soup to cook while the sandwich is being grilled.

2. Add 1/3 cup of whipping cream to the soup, mix until it is a light red-pink color.

For the sandwich:

1. Cook bacon according to package in the microwave. Cut each piece in half so you have six pieces.

2. Half the avocado, cut out the seed, then slice and dice the avocado halves within the shell.

3. Assemble the sandwich before placing in pan. Lay two slices of bread on a plate, place two squares of pepper jack cheese down, then add half of the smashed avocado on top of the cheese. Top with salt and pepper to taste. Place three pieces of bacon atop the avocado spread, then top with two slices of chipotle chicken. Top that off with the second slice of bread and it is ready for the pan.

4. On medium heat in a pan, let one tablespoon of butter melt in pan, once it starts to sizzle, gently lay sandwich in butter. Place lid on top and let cook for two to three minutes or until that side is golden brown and you can see the cheese melting.

5. Once the first side is done cooking, remove sandwich with spatula, add one more tablespoon of butter then place the opposite side into the butter to cook. Cover with lid and let it grill for two to three minutes, or until the side down is golden brown and you can see all the cheese has melted.

6. Repeat steps 1-5 for the second sandwich.


1. In two bowls, dish out servings of soup. An optional step is to drizzle each with one tablespoon of olive oil, dash of hot sauce and pepper.

2. Place sandwiches on plates, cut down the middle and you are ready to enjoy.

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