Seth Greenberg offers explanation on his comments

For the second season in a row, ESPN’s College GameDay, featuring four analysts, is returning to Rupp Arena, but many Kentucky fans only want to hear one person speak. 

After Seth Greenberg called Kentucky’s freshmen “spoiled” when they lost to South Carolina, Greenberg had a chance to speak with media on Friday before taking the stage on Saturday’s show.

“I really like the Kentucky kids, I’ve been around them at Cal’s fantasy camp, I’ve also been around basketball for 36 years and I understand the hardest playing, toughest team finds a way to win,” Greenberg said. “If they want to be that team then they need to be tougher, they need to be competitive, they need to be more connected.”

Greenberg, who was a college basketball coach for 34 years, with 22 of those as a head coach, spent time with Kentucky’s players in the summer, and said he thinks they’re good kids.

However, just because someone is likeable doesn’t mean he is a good basketball player, according to Greenberg.

“You can be a great kid and not be competitive, you can be a great kid and take plays off, you can be a great kid and – because this is the first time you’ve been through that, you’re more concerned about yourself,” Greenberg said.

Greenberg also cited thinking about the future as another reason why the Cats could be struggling. It is no secret that Kentucky is one of the best pipelines to the NBA, and Greenberg thinks some of the players could be thinking about that instead of thinking about the present.

“You’re at Kentucky man, enjoy this, it shouldn’t be a burden, it should be something that they should embrace,” Greenberg said.

One of Greenberg’s fellow analysts on College GameDay, Jay Bilas, said he had not heard Greenberg’s comments as of Friday afternoon, but he thinks that Kentucky is missing something that some of John Calipari’s teams have had, and that is star-power.

“These freshmen here at Kentucky are outstanding players, they’d be outstanding anywhere, wherever they went, but I don’t think it takes a genius to figure out there’s no Anthony Davis on this team, there’s no Karl-Anthony towns on this team,” Bilas said. “I don’t think anybody was too worried about sort of youth when those guys were playing.”

Greenberg also mentioned that he believes Kentucky is a good team and has time to become a Final Four caliber team, but at the moment he doesn’t see it happening. 

In order for Kentucky to develop quicker, he said he thinks the Cats need to do what Calipari has said many times, and that’s have a team-first mentality instead of thinking about themselves.

“The thing that John’s always been able to do is get them to understand that, “‘If we win, and if we buy into each other, then everyone wins,’” Greenberg said.