Workout anywhere, anytime with TRX



Belle Kendrick

It’s time to quit shying away from the hanging cords in your gym and pick up the marvel of TRX training. TRX is an innovative workout that focuses fully on resistance to expand your workout to the best of your ability.

This total body resistance (TRX) exercise is a body weight experience to build upon your own strength, coordination, stability, core and balance. Aside from the muscle and joint help, TRX is an amazing workout to help you lose weight, build muscle and it will help you achieve your personal goals as well.

By using these suspension cords, you can work every single part of your body performing numerous different exercises according to what body part you are trying to focus on. With the various movements, the TRX cords eliminate the need for a full gym.

One of the greatest aspects of TRX training is that you can set up the cords anytime and anywhere. These easily portable cords can be set up behind a door, on a pole and many other similar places, which makes it an easy and accessible workout for anyone at any time.

Laura Rosselit, nursing major and TRX supporter at UK, gave some insight on why she thinks TRX training is one of the best workouts she has done.

“I’ve taken many different types of workout classes, and TRX is my ultimate favorite to perform,” said Rosselit. “I love that there isn’t any other equipment involved and I can go at my own pace at all times.”

TRX training is a great way to create your own workouts at your individual pace no matter where you are. These exercises focus on different body parts and help you with your flexibility and coordination as well.

Instead of feeling intimidated by the TRX cords in your local gym, trying out different exercises and stretches with them will help you feel more comfortable with your workouts. TRX training is one of the best ways for you to reach your goals and maintain the body shape that you desire.