Underground UK: Ways to cut back on movie costs

Megan Brown

The costly expense of tickets along with stadium-priced concessions has made it harder to go to the movies, especially on a college student’s tight budget.

Students have to balance paying rent, food and other bills and can barely afford to see the latest blockbuster. However, money saving methods are making movie outings more accessible for students trying to pinch a few pennies.

AMC Theaters have a practical solution to the usual expensive snack foods that are sold at movie theaters across the country. For AMC Stub members, the cost of the annual popcorn bucket is only $20.99 with a $4.99 refill fee each time after the initial cost. The popcorn bucket is available now until Dec. 31 and refills on the same day are free. Becoming a member is also free and includes many other benefits such as $2 or $5 off tickets on Tuesdays and a reward incentive program that culminates into a five dollar rewards card.

MoviePass is revolutionizing the way people attend movies. For only $9.95 a month, pass holders can view an unlimited amount of movies at over 4,000 theaters across the country. Lexington has six locations MoviePass is valid at including The Kentucky Theater and Cinemark at Fayette Mall. With the average price of a movie ticket being almost $9, the pass pays for itself if users go to at least two movies each month. A year subscription of the pass can also be purchased at Costco for $89.95 instead of a monthly subscription.

Another practical money saving method for going to the movies is taking advantage of being a student. In four to five years, most graduates will be working a full-time job, but being in college gives students the ability to create flexible schedules which usually include half-days or large gaps in between classes. Students can save a few dollars by going to the movies during these breaks at slower times such as the matinee hours of a movie theater rather than peak times. The Cinemark at the Fayette Mall also offers a student discount with a student ID.

Lastly, students can buy a gift card to movie theaters for a discounted price at https://www.cardcash.com/. The website provides a service for people who are dissatisfied with gift cards and want to sell or trade them. To ensure the gift cards are bought, sellers reduce prices and as a result buyers get free money. For example, a Carmike Cinemas gift card valued at $50 originally is about 23 percent off on the website which means buyers only have to pay $38.

Show your wallet extra money the next time you go to the movies and use the savings to splurge on what really matters- more candy.