Underground UK: Lucky’s Market redefines the grocery store experience

Megan Brown

Most super markets have the same general concept. The fruits and vegetables are in the front, the frozen items are in the last aisle and other grocery items spread throughout the middle rows. Lucky’s Market, however, is redefining the one-size-fits-all model that most grocery stores use.

The market prides itself on offering organic, healthy and homegrown products at low prices and providing customers an immersive and unique shopping experience. From carts with cup holders for shopper’s beer or wine to a build-your-own sandwich deli inside, Lucky’s gives customers a fresh take on grocery shopping.

One aspect of the market that sets Lucky’s apart from competitors is the “make your own” stations. Multiple sections in the store offer customers the ability to save money by buying in bulk and making their own snacks. The create-your-own-trail mix station, for example, allows customers to choose what ingredients they want as well as how much. The station consists of almonds, walnuts, chocolate candies, banana chips, sunflower seeds and raisins. The store also has a candy bar and a yogurt pretzel station with a variety of flavors.

Other unique features of the store include a saltwater taffy section with more than 10 classic flavors, such as coconut and strawberry banana, as well as barrels of assorted foods like pecan pie trail mix and pineapple rings. The market also has a wall featuring 15 flavors of coffee beans and a made-in-house juice bar.

The Kitchen is the heart of the home as well as the highlight of Lucky’s Market. It serves dishes such as colossal meatballs, quesadillas and twice-baked potatoes. Lucky’s also creates ready-made dinners for two in a bag that contain a main course as well as side dishes. Once such meal is the meatloaf dinner, which comes with mashed potatoes and Brussel sprouts. Lucky’s also has a variety of other brand products such as BLT chip dip and chili lime chips. Along with the Kitchen, the store has an olive and antipasti bar.

Although most of the products in the market are food, the apothecary portion of the store lets customers heal their body and soul. The section contains over-the-counter medicine as well other healing remedies, such as oil diffusers and protein smoothies.

Customers can also give back while they are shopping in two ways: When shoppers purchase Lucky’s brand products, 10 percent of proceeds go to one of their partner charities, and customers who bring their own reusable bag will get a $0.10 wooden token to donate to a local organization. Four times a year, Lucky’s will double the profits made from the initiative.

Each week new products go on sale, and customers can find deals by viewing the weekly ad at Lucky’s website. They can also visit the website to sign up for their rewards program to receive coupons and other discounts.