Lights, disco balls, skates captivate students at SAB event


Students skated under neon lights and disco balls during Cosmic Skating, hosted by the Student Activities Board, on Friday, February 2, 2018 at the Seaton Center on UK’s campus in Lexington, Kentucky. Photo by Edward Justice | Staff

Shannon Hickerson

UK students were invited to roller skate the night away while enjoying neon lights and free food.

The Student Activities Board partnered with Neon Entertainment Friday night to host an event in the Seaton Center called Cosmic Skating.

About 200 students were in attendance for the activity-filled night. Business Management sophomore Nickie Cashdollar, who is also the director of traditions for SAB, said SAB was pleased with the night’s turnout.  

“We have a really ambitious 2018, and [we] are trying to create some new traditional events,” Cashdollar said. “We knew students would come out for it because of the success it has had at other schools.”

Cashdollar also credited Neon Entertainment with the night’s success. She said they were a “reliable company to work with, and we knew they would do a good job.”

The entertainment company specializes in these events all across the county. Its main role in the night was supplying a skating floor as well as other entertaining elements which made the event possible.

The variety of entertainment drew in a diverse crowd and it seemed as though there was something for everyone. The event was energetic and upbeat as students skated, played arcade games, ate pizza and danced to music provided by DJ WarrenPEACE.

“It is really cool to see a bunch of students come out on a Friday night just to enjoy each other and have a fun time skating,” said nursing junior Paige Bjork. “It has been a few years since I’ve been to a skating rink; I thought it was awesome that they could bring it to us for the night.”

The Student Activities Board’s purpose is to enhance the college experience by providing students and other members of the campus and local communities with entertaining, educational and/or enriching programs that are reflective of contemporary issues and trends.

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