Bodyfit will help you reach your individualized workout goals



Belle Kendrick

The boxing phenomenon continues, and Bodyfit is adding more fuel to the fire. Bodyfit workouts help you add every exercise component to your daily workouts and enhance your exercise abilities.

Bodyfit provides intense group workouts that help push each person toward their own goals at their individual pace. Unlike other exercises, Bodyfit provides four different classes, including punch, kettle combat, tread and shred, and burn. These varieties of workouts help users have an assortment of exercises to choose from based on what they are wanting to work on more that day.

If you’re more interested in trying boxing workouts, then punch and kettle combat are the ones for you. These classes provide kickboxing exercises that are whole body workouts and give a boost of cardio as well.

Instead of breaking out the boxing gloves, tread and shred is a great cardio class that involves the not-so-typical tread machine. While tread machines may not be for everyone, the burn class could be just your style. The burn exercises resemble a boot camp that uses free weights, as well as ropes and tires to bring your body to a full and fast-paced workout.

Madalyn Wiefering, a staff member at Bodyfit, is passionate about keeping her body healthy and is a firm believer in Bodyfit workout classes.

“Bodyfit trainers will push you and the classes are intense, but you are still able to go at your own pace,” said Wiefering. “The classes are not only challenging and fun, but the trainers are incredibly motivating. Clients lives have literally been changed by Bodyfit.”

One of the best aspects of Bodyfit is that when you become a member of the gym, you join a community of people who want to help you and see you reach your goals as an individual. With trainers to push and challenge you, you will feel your mind and body transform as you become more comfortable with your exercises.

Bodyfit is a close knit gym that cares for each member’s goals so that they may achieve them. Many members can attest that their lives have been transformed by Bodyfit, and if that’s not a reason to try it out, then I’m not sure what is.