Twitter reacts to UK band student going viral after cheering on the Cats during March Madness

McKenna Horsley

For some UK fans, cheering on the Cats during March Madness is a dream come true. For fan and UK Band member Hayden Hooper, he got so passionate during UK’s first game in the NCAA tournament against Davidson that he went viral on Twitter. 

Hooper, who is also an assistant opinions editor at the Kernel, was shown on television during the game flexing and dabbing, which is a popular dance move. Some users made his reaction into a GIF and sealed his fate as a “meme,” or recurring internet joke. A t-shirt company called Throwboy Tees is selling shirts with Hooper’s face. 

“I never knew I would go viral for just being myself,” he said. “That was a general reaction and never thought it would go anywhere.”