UK students give possible spring break attractions

Jo'tessa Townes

Almost everyone has experienced big plans getting canceled unexpectedly. Things happen, but spring break plans getting canceled is the worst.

UK students, both out-of-state and in-state, gave suggestions that might suit last-minute spring breakers. Their recommendations fit those leaving the Bluegrass state for the week and those staying close.

For people who want to be outdoors or try something out of the ordinary, there are two national parks located in Kentucky. Both Cumberland Gap National Historical Park and Mammoth Cave National Park host guided tours. Mammoth Cave is the world’s longest known cave system. The opportunity to explore the cave is a noteworthy experience for anyone.

Louisville is another place in Kentucky where there are many things to do. There are museums to visit like the Muhammad Ali Center, the Louisville Slugger Museum & Factory and the Frazier History Museum. The city also has many clubs and distilleries for those of drinking age.

If traveling is an option, even if only a short distance, do it. Many UK students are “grown,” but family time is always a good time. Spring break might be an opportunity for a family trip. Go to the next state or county over and enjoy what that place has to offer.

Emily Sztajer, a freshman from Michigan majoring in biology, shared a few of her favorite hometown attractions. For a uniquely fun experience, she suggested visiting one of Michigan’s drive-in movie theaters. Another attraction she suggested was the Detroit Institute of Art, which has free admission for residents from surrounding counties. One of Michigan’s staples also made its way onto Sztajer’s list.

“The Detroit Zoo, one of my personal favorite places, is really great, and it’s $14,” Sztajer said.

According to the zoo’s website, it is one of Michigan’s largest and most popular family attractions.

Mackenzie Walls, a junior from Florida majoring in public health, shared some free and easy plans in the Sunshine State. For anyone looking for something to do she recommends Florida’s “downtown river walks and free concerts throughout the years.”

Homebodies should not get discouraged by these spring break possibilities. There are activities that are just as fun as going out.

Khalil Dennis, a freshman from Georgia majoring in music performance, shared what she does for fun when she’s back home. Her spring break is planned to be simple and relaxing.

“We usually hang out at my place, order a pizza, and talk, play board games or video games, watch tv,” Dennis said.

There are many things to do no matter where someone is from. Almost every city has movie theaters, restaurants, and malls. There are gaming places for adults like Dave & Busters or Main Event Entertainment or family attractions like skating rinks and bowling alleys. With these ideas, it’s hard to fail at having a good time. Now spring break can be enjoyable, even if original plans were canceled.