The Rocky Horror Picture Show will take Nintendo theme


Performers took the stage at last month’s Rocky Horror Picture Show performance.

Megan Brown

The Rocky Horror Picture Show will be sporting Nintendo personas for this month’s show.

Since 1975, The Rocky Horror Picture Show has kept viewers in a time warp, captivating them with the movie’s eccentric characters and original rock songs. For more than 20 years, The Master’s Affairs has been shadowing The Rocky Horror Picture Show at The Kentucky Theater. The Master’s Affairs is a state recognized shadow cast group that keeps the classic movie relevant through the organization’s monthly performances.

“If you grew up in the ‘70s when Rocky Horror came out this is something you can come back to or new generations can be introduced to,” said general cast organizer Cade Cummins.

Each month, the all-volunteer cast gets together the weekend before the event to practice. Practice time is crucial for cast members to brush up on parts because character roles are always changing, according to Cummins. He said all proceeds go toward new costumes, alterations or new spotlights.

The organization strives to create themed shows based on local events in Lexington. This month the theme is Nintendo because the show is happening after Lexington Comic & Toy Con. Three of the characters, Magenta, Columbia and Dr. Frank-N-Furter, will also be appearing at Comic Con in traditional costumes for photos and to answer questions about the show. Previous Comic Con related shows have included comic book heroes and supervillains. The Master’s Affairs has also done a Doctor Who and Tim Curry themed show.

“We try to find something recognizable, talk about it as a cast and see what can we convey on the stage that’s new. We look for something vivid and easily recognizable and something we can pull off,” said Cummins about the process of choosing a theme for events.

During the show, traditional Nintendo characters such as Mario, in the role of Brad Majors, and Bowser, as Dr. Frank-N-Furter, will enter the bizarre castle of Dr. Frank-N-Furter and be immersed in this kooky world. Princess Peach, Waluigi and Toad will also be in the performance. According to Cummins, there will be surprise interpretations.

The Rocky Horror Picture Show memorabilia such as buttons and a “v-pack” with things to throw, such as rice and toilet paper, will be on sale at the show as well. The buttons cost $1 and the “v-pack” is $2. Before the show, a virgin game will be played and the audience will recite the Rocky Horror Pledge of Allegiance.

All of the 2018 shows are scheduled, including during the Lexington Pride Festival in June and the much-anticipated Halloween three-show event which Cummins teased by saying, “think claymation.” He also encourages anyone who cannot attend the event to find other show dates that fit their schedule.

The doors will open on Sunday at 12:15 a.m. with the performance happening at 12:45 a.m. Tickets to the show cost $7. For more information about upcoming show dates or how to get involved as an actor with The Master’s Affairs, visit their website.