The 2018 CATSPYs winners are…

The Kentucky Rifle team is named team of the year at the Catspy Awards on Monday, April 23, 2018 in Lexington, Ky. Photo by Jordan Prather | Staff

Kernel News Staff

Team of the year: UK Rifle


Coach of the year: Harry Mullins (rifle)


Female athletes of the year

Winners: Leah Edmond (volleyball) and Asia Seidt (swim and dive)


  • Katie Reed, softball
  • Mami Adachi, women’s tennis
  • Maci Morris, women’s basketball
  • Olivia Gruver, track and field
  • Mollie Korth, gymnastics

Male athletes of the year

Winners: Evan White (baseball) and Sean Hjelle (baseball)


  • Benny Snell Jr., football
  • Kevin Knox, men’s basketball
  • Evan White, baseball
  • Tim Duckworth, track and field
  • Sean Hjelle, baseball
  • Ryo Matsumura, men’s tennis
  • Henrik Larsen, rifle

Supporting role

Winner: Darian Mack (volleyball)


  • Caroline Newland, women’s soccer
  • Noah Hutchins, men’s soccer
  • Isabelle Johansson, women’s golf
  • Shannon Smith, softball
  • Morgan Belli, swimming and diving
  • Lesedi Jacobs, women’s tennis
  • Marie-Josée Ebwea-Bile, track and field
  • Brett Marshall, baseball
  • KeKe McKinney, women’s basketball

Scratch award

For good performance from non-scholarship athletes

Winners: Bailey Vick (softball) and Enrique Facusse (men’s soccer)


  • Harper Hempel, volleyball
  • Charles Moushey, football
  • Daniel Southard, cross country
  • LaShae Halsel, women’s basketball
  • Lauren Denham, swimming and diving
  • Danaea Davis, gymnastics
  • Troy Squires, baseball

Female Rookie of the Year

Winner: Sydney McLaughlin, track and field


  • Miranda Jimenez, women’s soccer
  • Madison Lilley, volleyball
  • Bailey Vick, softball
  • Bailey Bonnett, swimming and diving
  • Diana Tkachenko, women’s tennis
  • Dorie Harrison, women’s basketball

Male Rookie of the Year

Winner: Henrik Larsen (rifle)


  • Aimé Mabike, men’s soccer
  • Lynn Bowden, football
  • Shai Gilgeous-Alexander, men’s basketball
  • Chase Lane, swimming and diving
  • Dwight St. Hillaire, track and field
  • Zack Thompson, baseball

Mr. and Miss Wildcat

Mr. Wildcat: Sean Hjelle (baseball)

Miss Wildcat: Ashley Dusek (volleyball)

Heart of a Wildcat

Winner: Stephen Johnson (football)

Blue Heart awards

(For perseverance through injury)

Women’s winners

Ashley Dusek (volleyball)

Erin Rethlake (softball)

Payton Atkins (women’s soccer)

Men’s winners:

TJ Collett (baseball)

Brett Marshall (baseball)

Female performance of the year


Olivia Gruver (track and field)

Women’s 4×100 relay team (track and field)

Male performance of the year


Tim Duckworth (track and field)

Henrik Larsen (rifle)

Benny Snell Jr. and the Offensive Line (football)

Community service award 


Alyssa Rice (women’s basketball

Ann Davies (swim and dive)

Courtney Love (football)

Ethan Shalaway (track and field)

Scholar Athletes of the year


Alyssa Rice (women’s basketball)

Dillion Pulliam (men’s basketball)

Chris Meuth (men’s golf)

Gus Benson (men’s tennis)

Academic teams of the year

Winners: Men’s golf and Women’s Swim and Dive

Bill Keightley assist award

Winner: Jeff Poole