National Pancake Day: Waffles are superior


Waffle graphic

Let’s get something straight here. Even though it’s National Pancake Day today, waffles are clearly superior to pancakes. Why? Let me break it down for you.

Waffles are clearly superior because they distribute the sticky goodness that is syrup evenly across their surface. Each divet of a waffle pockets the syrup for an all-around syrup-soaked waffle.

Waffles are the Apple Macs to the pancakes’ Microsoft Windows computer (but that’s a whole different argument).

Case in point, why are there lots of Waffle House restaurants across the country, but not many pancake restaurants? There are only two IHOP restaurants in Lexington, while there are nine Waffle Houses. Why? Because there is more demand for Waffles. Why? Because they’re better than pancakes.

There are other reasons to prefer waffles. There are lots of waffle irons that you could use to imprint logos on your waffle. In Champions Kitchen and the Fresh Food Company, the campus all-you-can-eat restaurants, there are waffle irons that can imprint a UK logo on your waffle. Why? Obviously because waffles with logos are cool and aesthetically pleasing.

The divets in a waffle also house the butter you would usually spread on your breakfast entrée. Butter on pancakes always slides off the smooth surface and melts on the plate. Who wants a butterless pancake? Certainly not I. But when butter is applied to the waffle, the divets prevent the butter from sliding off.

Why do you think there are culinary masterpieces like chicken and waffles? Because waffles go well with chicken. Don’t believe me? Look at Season 9 MasterChef winner Gerron Hurt’s “chicken and waffles”. Hurt took a classic southern recipe and put his unique spin on it. His chicken and waffles plate was one of the strongest dishes he made in MasterChef.

To further expand my point, waffles are versatile and there are many different varieties of waffles. There are English waffles and Belgian waffles. I haven’t heard of many varieties to pancakes.

Finally, you can add different things to your batter like chocolate chips or blueberries to make one delicious waffle. You can also add nuts, berries and other fruits on top of your waffles. What’s not to love?

When you are celebrating National Pancake Day, do the sensible thing and eat a waffle. #teamwaffle