Underground Perspective focuses on family at UK


Underground Perspective is a diverse, family-oriented student organization that is always welcoming new members.

Myia Pretty

The Underground Perspective, also known as UGP, is one of the diversity-related organizations right here on UK’s campus.

UGP has been on campus since 2014 when one of the founders, Nigel Taylor, decided to create an organization that would provide a way for students of different cultures who often felt like outsiders to have a safe haven to immerse themselves with people just like them.

UGP is unique from other student organizations on campus because it truly focuses on fostering a family-type bond with its members and leadership team.

Taylor raved about the atmosphere that UGP strives to have. 

“We take pride in creating a community with our leadership board so that we can help to cultivate that culture with the rest of our members…” said Taylor. “UGP’s purpose is about building a ‘culture of we’ on campus for under-represented individuals here at UK as well as students who aren’t of color.”

UGP strives to be that family-structured support group that is there to foster an identity of belonging for others that may not have that support elsewhere.

UGP has accomplished many things over the years. Major events that they have hosted in the past are Man-hunt and Roll-call, just to name a few. UGP has also co-hosted an event with UK SAB: The Underground Formal. UGP is known for hosting events that are said to be “impossible,” yet something that is simple that can be brought onto a bigger scale. Every event is structured from a different theme that members choose through the voices of their leadership team and members.

“Thinking outside the box is our motto, we often ask ourselves ‘what is something that people enjoy doing that we can elaborate on a larger scale,’ and then ‘how can we make that possible.’ This is something that really makes UGP stand out from the rest of the organizations because we prove time and time again that we do the impossible,” Taylor said.

One event that continues to be brought back every year is the Underground Formal. This event is a college prom event that allows students to have the chance to relive their high school prom or dance on a larger scale.

An upcoming event that is just around the corner is “Roll-Call part 2,” which is a skating event that will be held at Champs Entertainment Complex on Oct. 28. The theme for this Roll-Call will be the 2000s vibe.

UGP is not the only organization on campus that is surrounded by culture and diversity, but it stands out because of the culture that its leadership team and members create. UGP currently has more than 100 members with 39 of them being active members. UGP takes pride in its recruitment process as well as welcoming all new members. The culture, members and family are the three things that UGP does exceptionally.

“Something that makes UGP stand out is we don’t take no for an answer, we’re in your face about everything, so it forces you to come to at least one event, and once you come to your first event, you become hooked,” said Dorian Collins, former board member. 

The treasurer of UGP, Jenne Slaw, discussed why UGP is so special to her.

“I enjoy meeting new people, seeking new perspectives and watching people interact with one another while having a good time,” Slaw said.

For more information about how to become involved with UGP check out the organization’s website and follow UGP on Instagram  and Twitter .