Like other states, Kentucky should adopt national popular voting system


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On Jan. 29, the Colorado Senate passed a National Popular Vote Interstate Compact bill in hopes of eventually ridding the state of the electoral college.

If passed in the Colorado House, the state will join 11 others, and the District of Columbia, to award its electoral votes to the candidate with the highest popular vote. In most circumstances, the candidate with the highest popular vote has won the electoral college vote as well.

Not many elections in our history have resulted otherwise, though the past election the popular vote and electoral vote winners didn’t even nearly match. Because of this possibility, it’s time Kentucky adopt the popular vote system as well.

But this bill may sound a little confusing on the surface, so I’ll break it down.

In order for the U.S. to adopt the popular vote system, and essentially rid the electoral college system as the determinate of the winner of president, enough states would have to join the popular vote interstate compact so that their electoral votes combined equal 270, which is the number needed to win the presidency.

As of now, the popular vote interstate compact, with 11 states and the District of Columbia, has 172 electoral votes. If the compact were to get 98 more electoral votes from other states, the presidency would be determined by the national popular vote.

The electoral college system seemed to work fine for the people in the U.S. for many decades without uproar until the last election, when Donald Trump won the electoral college but wasn’t nearly close to winning the popular vote.

According to the Official 2016 Presidential General Election Results, Hilary Clinton won 65,853,516 votes and Trump won 62,984,825 votes. This isn’t just a few thousand, but over 2.8 million. This election shed light on the electoral college system, and how now, it might not be accurately representing what the voting people want.

In order to represent who the voting people of the U.S. want as president, it’s time Kentucky, and others, join in the national popular vote interstate compact and ensure the popular vote, the candidate most people vote for, is president. Another presidential election is coming soon, and we should ensure the candidate who wins is the one with the most votes.