‘Shades of Love’ promises unique Valentine experience for minority students


Shades of Love will take place in Cats Den on Feb. 15 from 6 to 8 p.m.

Alex Schroeder

If you’re itching to show your pride for the Valentine’s Day season, Shades of Love has your back.

“Shades of Love” is a Valentine’s Day event focused on love and friendliness within minority groups.

“There’s not really anything for minorities on this campus for Valentine’s Day,” said Morgan Thomas, the president of Shades of Pride.

Shades of Love is hosted by Shades of Pride but has an impressive list of co-hosts, including NAACP, Collegiate Curls, the Black Student Union, the LGBTQ+ Resource Center and many others, according to the University of Kentucky events page.

“I want solidarity amongst the prominent minority-based organizations,” Thomas said. “I want there to be a comfortable space for minorities to feel like they can belong despite other affiliations they might have like sororities, fraternities and other orgs.”

The event is heavily-focused on giving minorities a quality Valentine’s Day that genuinely feels special.

“It puts us up to the level that fraternities and sororities have,” said Josh Kendrick, the secretary of Shades of Pride. “We want to look cute. Valentine’s Day is meant to make friends and love yourself.”

One activity at the event that is focused on making new friends is “speed friending.” The participants have a few minutes to talk about their interests and try to make friends until the timer rings and the next pairs start talking. The goal is to make as many new friends as possible.

Other activities at the event include poetry, conversations about love in different communities and games. Free food is also included.

The event also has a dress code, which can be seen when attendees register with the rsvp link. There will be a “best dressed” contest for an unknown prize.

“Shades of Love” will be held in Cat’s Den in the Gatton Student Center from 6 p.m. to 8 p.m on Friday, February 15.