Free massages relax students during midterms


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Savanna Stevie

With midterms wrapping up and finals now being right around the corner, students’ stress levels are beginning to rise. Studying can be difficult for students when all they do the entire day is stress about when they are going to study next. Luckily, the Student Activities Board wants what is best for the students and organized something just for that here at the University of Kentucky.

On March 4 from 6 to 9 p.m., SAB held an event called Massage on the Go, where students could come take a break from studying and enjoy free massage. Licensed therapists from the Lexington Healing Arts Academy put their skills to the test and brought in a crowd of stressed out college students who all left looking relaxed.  

A trigger word for almost anyone is the word “free,” especially for stressed college students. SAB hit the jackpot with Massage on the Go as it gave students the opportunity to take a break from their to do list for a moment

Nickie Cashdollar, a member of SABexplained one of the main reasons why this event was organized.

It’s valuable to us that we get to provide something that’s destressing during this week, Cashdollar said. 

This is not the first time SAB has organized an event that includes free massages. Cashdollar said SAB has held “over 20 massage lingos and holds two a semester.” With having two massage lingos per semester, students are guaranteed up to four free massage each year at UK.

To ensure that each student in line gets an opportunity of a free massage, there is a five-minute time limit. Two therapists were brought in to give the massages which, in return, helps them to practice what they have been taught and get feedback from the students. 

Only about 30 minutes in to the event, students had already formed a line in front of the sign-in desk. The place and timing of this event worked well because students were either going to dinner or finishing up with dinner athe Champions’ dining hall in the student center. This way, people walking to or from dinner saw the event taking place and became curious about it. 

Hope Makumbi, one of the many students waiting in line for a free massage, agreed that the SAB scheduled this event at the perfect time

“They came about it at a good time because it’s six and not that many people are here and it’s been quiet on campus,” Makumbi said.  

What drew Makumbi and many other students into coming to this specific event was that “the time period was scheduled at the right time since it’s exam season.” It drew a crowd of both older and younger students. The older students had already realized how stressful exams are and were in need of a break, while the younger students were just curious to what was going on.  

“This event, in particular, brings out a ton of students. We always have a few more students than we can take, which is sad for us, but really good that there is a good turnout,” Cashdollar said.  

Massage on the Go was indeed a hit, according to the many students who attended. This event will continue to be held twice during each semester as students keep coming back.