Best-case / Worst-case scenarios for every UK player

Kentucky Kernel columnist Aaron Smith analyzes the best-case and worst-case scenarios for every UK basketball player. (For optimal viewing, go full-screen.) Best-case/Worst-case for every UK basketball player View more presentations from amsm222.

Rain gardens can help with pollution, other water problems

Mary Carol Cooper led Tuesday's presentation at the arboretum on "Building a Rain Garden" Photo by Sean LaPlaca

By: Sean LaPlaca In developed areas — such as Lexington — roofs, pavement and other urban surfaces are unable to handle large water volume and flow leading to eroded banks, loss of habitat and aquatic life, and increased flooding and property damage in surrounding areas. A helpful solution to limit pollutants from entering our water […]

Former Texas Tech coach Leach could be answer for UK offense

Keeneland and First Scrimmage

By Cody Porter After thinking about this for some time and being as optimistic as possible through the last few weeks, I could only think of one statement to sum up my thoughts on the Cats’ four game slide. “There are rich teams and there are poor teams, then there’s 50 feet of crap, and […]