UK in the NBA: Davis returns from shoulder injury

Anthony Davis dunks the ball in the first half of the south region final between the University of Kentucky and Baylor University in the NCAA Tournament, in the Georgia Dome, on Sunday, March 25, 2012, in Atlanta. Photo by Latara Appleby | Staff

The former All-American has had much less luck in the NBA and has been plagued with one injury after another, totaling up to Davis missing 15 games for the New Orleans Hornets after he suffered a shoulder sprain on Feb. 26 in the third quarter against the Nets and Keith Bogans.

Cats lacked effort in Arkansas loss


The Cats didn’t take a few possessions off in their 73-60 loss at Arkansas on Saturday; they took the majority of the second half off.
They “fought like Wildcats,” as freshman Nerlens Noel would say, for 45 minutes to beat Missouri a week ago and then seemingly forgot what got them back on the smiling side of the bubble.