Editorial: Don’t let capitalism ruin the Thanksgiving holiday

There is nothing like turkey, pumpkin pie and capitalism for Thanksgiving. Unfortunately, many Americans will be torn from their dinner tables and families to work the Black Friday shift at their place of employment — on Thursday. For these employees it is not a choice of whether or not they work on Thanksgiving. As most […]

LTE: Environmental group pushes UK to reduce emissions

Environmental activists from Greenthumb met with the President’s Sustainability Advisory Committee (PSAC) to discuss a Climate Leadership Commitment, formerly known as a Climate Action Plan (CAP), and find common ground on Nov. 5.

UK Greek organizations support #LiveYourOath campaign

Earlier this week I visited The Roastery on W. Main to celebrate a cause near to my heart, as well as my Greek brothers’ and sisters’ hearts. Sigma Phi Epsilon and Alpha Delta Pi used this past week to raise awareness about sexual assault on campus through a #LiveYourOath campaign, fundraisers and on-campus events.

Apathy is democracy’s biggest threat

Cheyene Miller
Managing Editor

Americans love to complain about our current political system. They say politicians are selfish, corrupt and out of touch with the average American. This sentiment is evident in current elections as career politicians are coming second to candidates with no experience as elected officials. We see it at the presidential level with the success of […]

Editorial: Graduating in 4 years will soon be easier

Despite only about 40 percent of UK students graduating in four years, UK is committed to the image of a four-year college experience. Along with increasing retention rates, the administration is working to increase this percentage with software that would allow students to plan their courses years in advance. The Graduation Planning system, expected to […]