Society should be skeptical of the skeptics

Cheyene Miller
Contributing Columnist

One of the noblest things that a person can be is a skeptic. Adopting this mindset pushes an individual to think critically and, more importantly, individually. That being said, sometimes circumstances dictate that we be skeptical of the skeptics. The perfect example is man-made climate change.

All victims deserve justice, not just in high profile cases

Matt Young
Contributing Columnist

From the Duke Lacrosse case to the Temple Football case, when a rape story gains national attention and it turns out to be false, the nation moves on to find the next rage-inspiring rape story.

Rape is a serious issue, and stories like this harm true victims and cheapen their experience. The collective obsession with these ferocious, grotesque, graphic rapes diminishes the significance of all rape cases.

Politicizing news acquistion has led to people distrusting and limiting what sources they acquire news from in media

Patrick Brennan, contributing columnist

If your Thanksgiving was anything like mine, you have a new distaste for certain fowl buzzwords. Simple words like Israel, immigration and Ferguson provoke debate, outrage and, most of all, confusion.

With media clawing for your attention and claiming to report objectively, how do you know what is right when multiple sources conflict with each other? Take the recent spectacle in Ferguson, Mo. for instance.

Christmas season is for people of all beliefs

Cheyene Miller
Contributing Columnist

The Christmas season is certainly one of the more joyous parts of the calendar year.

The decorations, the gifts, the baked goods and the binge-watching of movies—like my all-time favorite, “Christmas Vacation”—are all part of one of my favorite holidays. Those of you who read my column regularly, know that Christmas falls second to Halloween on my favorite holiday list.

Ferguson events show police brutality is mostly unjustifable

Marjorie Kirk, contributing columnist

I’d like to believe that all people have the potential to be good and do the right thing and all those other optimistic ideas of good conquering evil most people give up on when they come to college.

That’s why stories about heroes who forsake their duty to the people they protect, like the many cases of police brutality in the U.S., discourage my faith in humanity and decrease my faith in the security of our nation.