Letter to the editor: UK KFTC event at MLK Center

In the age of a biracial president, it is trendy in certain circles to speak of the beginning of a post-racial America. So, how has far racial equality actually come in Lexington? To answer this question and more, UK Kentuckians for the Commonwealth will be hosting an educational event called the “The Role of Race […]

Letter to the editor: Palli, Ingram announce SG ticket

With our diverse Senate ticket and the support of the student body, we plan to strengthen student relationships with the administration, the city of Lexington, student organizations and Student Government itself in order to bring our university’s community closer together.

Letter to the editor: Students are dying for new ‘The Walking Dead’

An eye for an eye makes the whole world blind.

Well, David Morrissey will be looking to retaliate with several eyes after the cliff hanger ending in season three’s midseason finale of “The Walking Dead.” The Governor now sports a menacing eye patch to cover the epitome of his secrets and to rally his community against the dangers that lie beyond the town of Woodbury, setting up an eminent battle between himself and Rick Grimes.

Praise for a well written argument

Wow. (Tuesday’s) article in the opinions section by Andrew Stith was well written and well argued. I am beyond impressed. As someone who identifies myself to be heterosexual but not narrow-minded, I appreciate how Mr. Stith’s argument had facts to back up his opinion — and that he did not quote the Bible to discuss […]