Letter to the Editor: ‘Blurred lines’ of journalism

Though I am not a student at the University of Kentucky, I am and will always be a proud Kentuckian. A Frankfort, Ky. native, I enjoy keeping up with current events on the home front and have truly enjoyed watching the acoUstiKats perform, but was recently outraged by a column in Kentucky Kernel.

The reasons to join a Greek organization at UK

Greek organizations have a clearly visible presence on the campus of UK, whether that presence is welcomed or not. I joined one of these organizations in the fall and being a part of this group has allowed me to meet other young women who will, quite literally, be my friends and sisters for life. I […]

Letter to the editor: Group looks toward UK’s energy future

Coal mined under Kentucky soil has undermined Kentucky progress. Though coal is losing its grip on Kentucky, Kentuckians remain passive about energy progress. Nowhere is this more evident than at the commonwealth’s flagship university, the University of Kentucky. Heavily influenced by the coal industry, UK derives much of its electricity from a company that uses […]

Letter to the editor: UK is satisfying responsibility to student First Amendment rights

The president of UK Young Americans for Liberty, senior Austin Woods, lambasted the University of Kentucky for infringements upon civil liberties and UK’s failure to “preserve its students’ First Amendment rights.” Woods’ essay was featured in the Kernel’s “letter to the editor” section on March 28. Woods’ first attack was that “UK has not lived […]