LTE: Environmental group pushes UK to reduce emissions

Environmental activists from Greenthumb met with the President’s Sustainability Advisory Committee (PSAC) to discuss a Climate Leadership Commitment, formerly known as a Climate Action Plan (CAP), and find common ground on Nov. 5.

Letter to the Editor: Let’s make campus “fair,” like a Bernie Sanders utopia

To the casual observer, he seems to be the candidate who best represents “fairness.” He wants to impose higher tax rates on the evil, selfish rich top 1 percent. Why? Because it is “unfair” that some people make more money than others.

LTE: Students, faculty should show support for Climate Action Plan

UK’s student organization Greenthumb has been collaborating with campus administration on adopting cleaner energy practices in the form of a Climate Action Plan. By adopting a Climate Action Plan, the university would set goals to reach carbon neutrality by a set date and implement sustainability classes into the curriculum. In a meeting with Shane Tedder […]

LTE: Open discussion and examination of faiths necessary in free society

The University of Kentucky Student Government Association recently passed the resolution entitled, “Tolerance and Acceptance of the Islamic Faith and All Faiths.” The resolution noted that SGA, “does not support the ideas published by the editor-in-chief of the Kentucky Kernel regarding the Islamic faith.” SGA failed to say what exactly they were refusing to support, […]

LTE: Tobacco-free Take Action Ambassadors clarify policy

As UK’s Tobacco-free Take Action! (TFTA) Ambassadors, we wanted to share some truths about UK’s tobacco-free policy after reading the Aug. 29, editorial entitled, “UK should enforce tobacco policy.” By that we mean to clarify the truth about the way the policy is enforced, the efforts made by UK students, faculty and staff, and the […]

LTE: It’s time for UK to commit to clean energy

Illustration submitted by Greenthumb.

UK’s student environmental activism organization, Greenthumb, has been entrenched in the issue of clean energy at UK for over three years. In light of the Kentucky Kernel’s recent focus on this issue, we feel the need to respond. A quick refresher: in Fall 2012, President Eli Capilouto formed a committee to create a Climate Action […]

LTE: Confidentiality vital for survivors’ outcomes

Editor-in-Chief Will Wright wrote in his column “Secret campus trials endanger students” that the “secrecy” inherent in campus disciplinary hearings leads to negative outcomes for both survivors of sexual assault and those accused of the crime. However, his statements were largely based on opinion and misguided fear, not empirical research. Firstly, there are already numerous […]

Letter to the Editor: Islam column insulting to UK Muslims

Ignorance is a failing second only to arrogance. Unfortunately, both were exhibited in a Saturday opinion piece written by William Wright, the Kentucky Kernel’s editor-in-chief. Mr. Wright’s piece is a broad sweeping and deeply insulting attack on Muslims and Islam. Mr. Wright casts himself as the intrepid journalist, to boldly say what no man has […]