Editorial: Officers should be held accountable

Critics of situations like the one in Ferguson often claim that cameras attached to police uniforms would limit instances of police brutality.

But on Dec. 3, a grand jury in New York City showed that even when a police officer is on camera using lethal force against an unarmed black man, it is nearly impossible to even indict the officer.

Editorial: In scuffle, coaches should have led by example

UK footballs’ showing Saturday against the University of Louisville resulted in countless instances of poor sportsmanship before the game even started, with the most embarrassing incident occurring between two coaches from each university.

Kernel Endorsements

Editor’s note: Published below are the Kernel editorial board’s endorsements of candidates in the Lexington 3rd District council, Lexington Mayoral, Kentucky 6th Congressional District and U.S. Senate races. They consist of the majority opinion of the Kernel’s editorial board.

We should all be prepared ‘Project Lex 2′

Fans celebrate after the UK-Louisville Final Four game on March 31, 2012, in Lexington, Ky. The Cats won 69-61. Staff File Photo

It was not so long ago that #LexingtonPoliceScanner was trending nationally on Twitter and the term “Project Lex” was coined, which plays off the movie “Project X” about a house-party turned war-zone, to describe an area where UK students flipped and burned a car.