Editorial: Ford investment will give new economic opportunities to students

On the bright side, a recent $9 billion investment to Ford plants in the U.S. will help students interested in co-ops and internships get the real world experience needed to make that transition.

Editorial: Calls for Herald-Leader cartoonist to be fired are ridiculous

Part of publishing editorial cartoons is to make a powerful statement that gets the reader’s attention without them having to put in an excessive amount of thought. Few in the editorial cartoon game are better at this than Joel Pett, the Pulitzer-winning cartoonist of the Lexington Herald-Leader.

Editorial: Land of the free should open arms to refugees

Illustration by Ben Wade

In light of the recent terrorist attacks in Paris, many Americans have shared their thoughts and prayers for those affected. But in the same breath they have condemned the thousands of refugees fleeing from terrorist attacks, one being governor-elect Matt Bevin. Bevin said he would keep Syrian refugees from entering Kentucky. “I do believe that […]

Editorial: #WeAreUK, #NotJustMizzou shows need for campus-wide dialogue


A recent Twitter campaign by UK students showed that racism, even if it is not blatantly obvious, still exists on campus. Using the hashtags #NotJustMizzou and #WeAreUK, students were able to expose problems that many other students would likely have never seen or realized.

Editorial: Don’t let capitalism ruin the Thanksgiving holiday

There is nothing like turkey, pumpkin pie and capitalism for Thanksgiving. Unfortunately, many Americans will be torn from their dinner tables and families to work the Black Friday shift at their place of employment — on Thursday. For these employees it is not a choice of whether or not they work on Thanksgiving. As most […]

Editorial: Bevin’s big compromise

Sometimes reasonable solutions can come from the most unreasonable of situations. That seems to be the case with Governor-elect Matt Bevin and his decision to remove the names of county clerks from marriage licenses. Bevin is doing this to appease clerks who have a religious objection to issuing licenses for same-sex couples. In fact, Bevin […]