Martial arts give limitless benefits, students can train on campus

Cheyene Miller circa 2012.

Last week I decided it was time to start making my columns more relatable to a college audience. Recently my colleague Emily Markanich has been writing about the benefits of individual and guided meditation. I’m going to steal a page from her book and talk about why practicing martial arts is extremely beneficial for the […]

5 beers to leave in the liquor store

Art by Ben Wade

For the last few weeks, I’ve name-dropped 15 beers that I believe everyone of legal drinking age should enjoy. This week, I decided to switch things up a bit and make a list of the five worst beers that you should stop drinking immediately. As in right now. Forever. At number five, we have Milwaukee’s […]

Natasha McKenna: why we need the Black Lives Matter movement

The Black Lives Matter movement does not only demand justice for African Americans. The organization is working to show how our current political system does not bring justice to many groups of people in this country, including people with mental illness. There are an uncountable number of cases in America where a person with mental […]

Literary value shouldn’t be rooted in personal opinion

The last thing I expected to encounter at the 2015 Kentucky Women Writers Conference was a wall full of words and phrases belittling woman writers. Words like “pathetic” and “self-obsessed” written on bright yellow post-it notes. I had come to this conference for inspiration, for a push into a creative space I hadn’t visited in […]

Ale festival a ‘smashed’ hit

Art by Ben Wade

On Friday evening, I had the pleasure of attending Lexington’s 7th annual Fest-Of-Ales. Attendees got a sampling glass, a program, a bottle of water and 20 tasting tickets at the beginning of the evening. Held under the Cheapside Pavilion, the celebration featured 57 breweries (including Lexington’s own Country Boy, Blue Stallion, Kentucky Ale, West Sixth […]

College a transition period in a young adult’s life

Cheyene Miller

This column usually discusses some issue dealing with politics, religion or current events in the national media. But sometimes it’s important for any columnist, especially one at a college newspaper, to take a step back and write about something personal and relatable. For those of you Wildcats who are also in your senior year of […]

‘All Lives Matter’ misses the point


The Black Lives Matter movement has been countered by statements such as all lives matter and police lives matter. This point must be made perfectly clear: Nobody is disputing that. Of course every life matters, that is the entire purpose of the Black Lives Matter movement. It is not to say that black lives are […]