Our ‘Christian nation’ is hypocritical

Cheyene Miller
Contributing Columnist

There is no country on earth in which I would rather live than the U.S. It’s a great place to live and is full of many interesting people and cultures. Unfortunately, it is also loaded with unbearable hypocrisy. Because we are predominantly populated by Christian citizens, some Americans like to tout that we are a […]

Nepali student’s hometown in ‘utter madness’ after quake


A massive 7.9 magnitude earthquake hit the Southeast Asian country of Nepal on Saturday, in what was the worst natural disaster for the country in 80 years. The earthquake not only affected Nepal, but also India and China. An 8.1 magnitude earthquake hit Nepal in 1934 – the worst in the country’s history. The capital […]

Band brings modern Bluegrass

Matt Wickstrom 
Contributing Columnist

Just when you thought you’d heard all that Bluegrass music had to offer, a band like the Blind Corn Liquor Pickers comes around and throws a wrench into everything you thought you knew. The septet from right here in Lexington takes a very modern approach to Bluegrass music, much like recent mainstream acts The Avett […]

Budget-friendly Pies and Pints a good find for food, drinks

Jamilyn Hall 
Assistant Opinions Editor

In downtown Lexington nestled across the street from Rupp Arena, stands a restaurant filled with grins, pizza and craft beer. Unique style is the name of the game to this eatery, majoring in fresh ingredients, blasts of flavor and house-made items. Pies and Pints has been featured on the Cooking Channel, Food Network Magazine, Huffington […]

A few thank yous for Jonathan Krueger

Marjorie Kirk, Assistant Opinions Editor

For those of you who never got to know Jonathan Krueger, I’m sorry. You missed out. Jonathan couldn’t give up once he’d started something. If he set out to be your friend, he wouldn’t stop until you were family. When I met Jonathan at the Kernel I prayed that this man with no regard for […]

Rand Paul is leaving his libertarian values

Cheyene Miller
Contributing Columnist

I was once a big fan of recently-declared presidential candidate Rand Paul. The first-term U.S. Senator had the youth, the energy and the right ideas to give the Republican Party the resurgence they’ve been seeking for years. His ideas of ending voter disenfranchisement, supporting reforms in the prison system and taking a critical approach to […]

Removing estate tax will not lead to economic growth

Matt Young
Contributing Columnist

At some point, if a lie is told often and long enough, reinforced over and over, and stuck with in the face of debunking evidence, it just becomes a joke. Republicans just voted to repeal the estate tax, and now it’s time to laugh at them. The joke goes something like this: If the government […]