What to know before stepping on State Street

March Madness is coming to a peak with the upcoming Sweet 16 and Elite Eight basketball games this Thursday through Sunday, as well as the Final Four and NCAA Men’s Championship the following weekend. The annual post-game stints on State Street are a UK tradition, where couches and t-shirts have been burned and crowds have […]

Greek community must stand up against racism

Cheyene Miller
Contributing Columnist

During the string of high-profile cases of police brutality that swept the national media in recent months, commentators often said that more police should speak out against the officers who committed such horrific acts against the people they are meant to protect and serve. Though I’m certainly not a nationally-recognized commentator, I was one of […]

A farewell to ‘Parks and Recreation’

Marjorie Kirk, Assistant Opinions Editor

Something about getting political stuff done and looking business formal just makes for the best television (second only to combining a seemingly push-over high school chemistry teacher with the hardened world of methamphetamine trafficking). With “House of Cards” returning on the eve of what was the latest in bittersweet endings to great television shows (“Parks […]

“Citizenfour” a jawdropping documentary on Edward Snowden

Patrick Brennan, contributing columnist

Recently, Laura Poitras’ “Citizenfour” won Best Documentary at the Oscars. The film not only lays out clear facts about the NSA, but it captures an important moment in history like never before. “Citizenfour” follows the aftermath of the Edward Snowden leaks in a personal way. It begins with day-by-day interviews and plans made by a […]

Students should donate time, energy to good causes while in college

Laura Shrake
Assistant News Editor

As college students, we often refer to ourselves as “poor college kids.” In many cases, it’s true—student loans, rent, utilities, food and textbooks often require money we don’t have. But we are rich in time, passion, energy and commitment. Yes, even though we may not like to admit it, we are a committed and passionate […]

Application to help increase campus safety

Jake Ingram

The revolutionary new smartphone app, LiveSafe, is a powerful step forward in ensuring that students feel safe on and off campus. LiveSafe serves as a complement to the investment in on-campus safety the university has made over the last several years. Innovative two-way communication with UK police provides an opportunity for students to seek emergency […]

Student elections important for campus democracy

Cheyene Miller
Contributing Columnist

Democracy is a wonderful institution and those who take part in it are among the most fortunate citizens on earth. I am proud that we live in a country where everyone has a voice when it comes to choosing their leaders. UK students have the opportunity to practice their own form of democracy by casting […]

Facts are being drowned out by propaganda in America

Matt Young
Contributing Columnist

Rudy Giuliani legitimately thinks that President Obama doesn’t love America. I’d love to say that the absurdity of that sentiment makes him stupid, but by just about any measure Giuliani is a wise and successful person. Ignoring the countless times President Obama has expressed his love for this country, just what about Obama makes Giuliani […]