UK should follow other schools and have a fall break

Sarah Brookbank 
News Editor

Our campus is slowly transforming into an autumn paradise; pumpkin spice lattes are back and we can finally wear scarves without whispers of hickeys hiding underneath. While students bundle up in hats, scarves and blankets, and hunker down for the first rounds of exams, many will take a deep breath and sigh “Wow I wish […]

Get excited for Hopcat’s 100 beers on tap

Jamilyn Hall 
assistant opinions editor

Downtown Lexington is expanding its hollow Victorian Square with the addition of Hopcat, a new restaurant and bar opening Oct. 24, which will feature 100 different beers on tap. A franchise based in Grand Rapids, Mich., Hopcat has expanded to seven locations throughout the U.S. including Detroit, Mich., and  Madison, Wis. Not only will the […]

Broken Promises: Hypocrisy and elitism define the Clinton presidential campaign

Matt Young
Contributing Columnist

Bill Clinton thinks the Republican Party and the media are over—exaggerating Hillary’s email scandal, but he’s dead wrong. Hillary Clinton is a disaster, and she should be thanking her lucky stars that Donald Trump and the rest of the Republican primary circus has distracted the country from her woeful inadequacies, elitist opacity, and potentially illegal […]

Swap out Netflix for productive habits

Sarah Brookbank 
News Editor

In college I’ve worked a lot of jobs that require me to sit at desks for extended periods of time. As an RA, I would spend a minimum of four hours watching students walk in and out of the front door while hoping the Internet would start working soon. As news editor of The Kentucky […]

Meditation apps to stay in touch

Emily Markanich
Contributing columnist

We live in the hyper-distracted digital age where there’s barely enough time in the day for breakfast, let alone a 15-minute meditation. This is especially true for students, with our jam-packed schedules of classes, meetings and projects. Yet the same smartphone that feeds into our procrastination may hold the secret to staying relaxed and focused. […]

Black Lives Matter movement wrongfully classified as hate group

The Black Lives Matter movement has been making headlines across this country for pointing out police misconduct and that not everyone in our country is receiving the same amount of justice. Many Americans view the movement as their saving grace, thankful that the masses are able to finally see the injustices that they face. However, […]

Intensity ‘trumps’ facts with Republican voters

Matt Young
Contributing Columnist

The CNN Republican presidential debate last week looked more like an episode of Jersey Shore than a contest of political skill and policy expertise. For anyone who endured the excruciating three hours of bickering and backbiting, you will never get those minutes back. Carly Fiorina won the debate, and has jumped up to second in […]

So you think you can’t dance?

Cheyene Miller
Managing Editor

One of the oldest human traditions is dancing. Almost all cultures throughout history have some form of dance ceremony or ritual, from Native American and African tribal dances to today’s “Whip” and “Nae Nae.” There is a reason dancing has stood the test of time — because it is arguably the most exciting form of […]

Don’t fear the hops: Top 5 IPAs

Art by Ben Wade

After reading through a mountain of hate mail and vulgar complaints, mostly concerning the fact I have neglected to write about many IPAs, I’ve decided to give in and write a piece dedicated to the hoppier side of the brewing spectrum. But first, a little history lesson. Supposedly, India pale ales were first brewed in […]