Facts are being drowned out by propaganda in America

Matt Young
Contributing Columnist

Rudy Giuliani legitimately thinks that President Obama doesn’t love America. I’d love to say that the absurdity of that sentiment makes him stupid, but by just about any measure Giuliani is a wise and successful person. Ignoring the countless times President Obama has expressed his love for this country, just what about Obama makes Giuliani […]

Nonviolent drug offenders do not deserve harsh sentencing

Cheyene Miller
Contributing Columnist

Somewhere in the U.S., a potential mayor, governor or president is being arrested for a nonviolent drug offense. No matter what dreams or aspirations this person had, they are more than likely done because of our society’s draconian view on drugs. It is long overdue that we put an end to this gross waste of taxpayer money.

Oklahoma legislature distorts U.S. history

Marjorie Kirk, Assistant Opinions Editor

The word “American” has different connotations and meanings depending on who you ask. Some people hear “American” and it brings words like “freedom” and “liberty” to mind. For others, “imperialism” and “oppression” come to mind. Regardless, an accurate representation of history is instrumental in ensuring that our society and government do not repeat the same […]

New Aquaman will be tougher than originals

Anne Halliwell
News Editor

“Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice” director Zack Snyder posted a photo of “Game of Thrones” actor Jason Momoa to Twitter, apparently all done up in his Aquaman gear. The result? Slightly surprising. From the get-go, Snyder appears to have envisioned a version of the Atlantean hero that’s tougher than the public’s longstanding perception. Chris […]

New Spider-Man franchise an opportunity for diversity

Anne Halliwell
News Editor

As many have probably seen by now, Marvel and Sony Pictures announced about a week ago that the “Amazing Spider-Man” franchise starring Andrew Garfield has been canceled as Marvel absorbs the franchise into its cinematic universe. Marvel and Sony will work on the future of the character together, according to CP Entertainment, which could mean […]

Do your part: choose healthy food

Patrick Brennan, contributing columnist

A year ago, I observed Waffle House on South Broadway for my Composition and Communication class. I quickly realized that the space was satiated with the smell of fat and butter. Unfortunately, this atmosphere is common to many more meals than just late-night indulgences at Waffle House. Right next door is the new Cook Out […]