Greek organizations need to diversify, reach out to minority populations

Marjorie Kirk
Opinions Editor

It seems that whenever sororities and fraternities appear in the news these days it is for some scandalous behavior. Dozens of girls dancing in their bikinis for a recruitment video, chanting racial slurs and threats on a chartered bus, banners above fraternity members houses letting fathers know where they can drop their freshman daughters (and […]

Kentucky Kicks Ink

Hampton Fisher shows off his Kentucky Kick Ass tattoo at Charmed Life Tattoo in Lexington, Ky. on Tuesday, August 25, 2015. Photo by Michael Reaves | Staff.

Kentuckians come in many shapes and sizes, but there is one thing we have in common: our pride for the diverse state. A handful of Kentuckians have even gone as far as tattooing their love of the state on their body with the help of brand loyalty. Kick-ass campaign Kentucky for Kentucky covers Instagram and […]

Welcome to Beer Column 2015

Beer map by Damir Kocer

Salutations, beeraholics! Welcome to the first issue of the fall edition of the Kentucky Kernel’s Beer Column

No Student Center, no problem — here are the best places to chill

The Student Center in the process of being torn down on Avenue of Champions  on Wednesday, July 8, 2015 in Lexington, Kentucky.  Photo by Taylor Pence

For the past four years, I’ve been finding nooks and crannies to nap and study in at the Student Center. But with the old Student Center in pieces, students will have to adjust to life without it. Thanks to Bowman’s Den and the new and improved library Starbucks, finding food and coffee won’t be an […]

Ditch meals plans, cook something up in your home

Jamilyn Hall 
assistant opinions editor

In four years of adventure, college students learn who they are and hope to become a functional member of society with skills and a degree. However, college students are possibly hurting themselves in the process by depending too much on their university. Students rely on meal plans and, by doing so, do not have the […]

Grow up, make gender-neutral bathrooms

Photo by Michael Reaves

    Most of us rarely worry about using the bathroom. When it’s time to use a toilet, we use it, and that’s the end of the story. But for transgender people, bathrooms can be a source of serious struggle. Choosing which bathroom to use is not always obvious, and the decision can yield horrible, […]

Lexington nightlife offers authentic substitute to K Week

Marjorie Kirk
Opinions Editor

When I first stepped out of my dorm room two years ago, nervous about whether I would make anything of the school year, nothing satiated my fear quite like hearing one of my floormates say, “Let’s all go to the K Week Kick-off!” Because at the time, no prospect seemed scarier than sitting solo at […]

Clerks must respect gay marriage ruling

Cheyene Miller
Contributing Columnist

  Everybody is entitled to their own opinion, no matter how ridiculous or horrendous it might be. Many Kentuckians still believe that same-sex marriage is immoral and that the Supreme Court was wrong to legalize same-sex marriage nationwide, and they have a right to that opinion. But they don’t have a right to get a […]

‘Southpaw’ lands a few punches, misses most

Jake Gyllenhaal and Oona Laurence in "Southpaw." (Scott Garfield/The Weinstein Company/TNS)

Antoine Fuqua isn’t a bad director. He’s always had the ability to shoot scenes in new and exciting ways. Unfortunately, the same can’t be said for his newest film, “Southpaw.”