Budget problems must spare students, campus organizations

Trickle-down economics are alive and well. Budget problems have dripped down from the federal level, down to the state level, on to the university level and finally the student level. But there doesn’t seem to be a bailout for students. While the budget cuts won’t directly affect the funding for student organizations in their budgets, […]

More disclosure needed for network

Column by Krish Muralidhar I welcome Professor Christopher Rice’s commentary in the Kentucky Kernel (August 28) regarding the Big Blue Network. I have had several e-mail conversations with Rice and Assistant Provost Randolph Hollingsworth regarding this matter. I am writing this letter in the interest of fostering a broader conversation regarding privacy issues in the […]

Fancy Farm gives humor to politics

Column by Buck Ryan After years of weaving around Kentucky’s political byways—you know, the ones named back-to-back after former governors—I finally made a right turn and ended up at the Fancy Farm picnic. Please excuse me for having missed 128 of them, but sometimes civic life can benefit from fresh eyes. Media coverage summarized the […]

Red Mile tenants displaced and confused

For a lot of students, staying in a hotel is a rare luxury that only happens during spring break, on a university outing, or on mommy and daddy’s dollar during a family vacation. Cleaning service, fresh sheets, swimming pool — who wouldn’t want that? If you were to ask the 160 or so students that […]

Printed newspapers’ decreasing popularity doesn’t correlate to the death of journalism

Column by Richard Becker The tradition of the newspaper stretches back to Gutenberg’s printing press, but now Americans are watching that proud tradition disintegrate. Across America, newspapers large and small, independent and corporate, liberal and conservative are collapsing at an alarming rate. The result has been rampant consolidation, the laying off of entire wings of […]

Failing grades indict general education system

Students are constantly being graded to assess their performance. Just about every measureable quality, no matter how minute, is weighted and factored into a letter grade intended to objectively represent a student’s total input in a class. And no matter how clear the syllabus and course requirements are, students are usually unhappy when they don’t […]

Campus must prepare for potential H1N1 outbreak

Students returning to campus are susceptible to new germs and viruses they have not been around all summer, and when 18,000 undergraduates merge into one spot at the same time it’s inevitable that someone will get sick. Extreme caution has to be used when dealing with students and illnesses, and right now the H1N1 virus, […]

Network forms campus connections

Letter to Editor by Matthew Noe “Social Network allows UK to monitor users,” has a bit of a big brother feel to it, doesn’t it? It is accurate in that the Big Blue Network, or NetworkBlue, is a social network, and it is true that it is monitored, but in our generation, a headline such […]