Limestone construction will be a pain for Lexington

Can anyone say nightmare? That’s basically what the Limestone corner of campus will turn into in a few weeks. Just in time for dorm move-in and the start of UK’s fall semester, the Fayette Urban County Council decided Tuesday to accept the construction bid that will close South Limestone from Euclid Avenue to Vine Street […]

City sees self in mirror of Fourth of July parade

Column by Buck Ryan “Look, Dad, there’s Uncle Sam — dressed as a drag queen.” And so went the live reporting from Lexington’s Fourth of July parade from my little Wolf Blitzer in “The Situation Room” high above Main Street in a glass-enclosed walkway. At one point a young woman on a gurney looking mostly […]

UK HealthCare’s use of technology benefiting patients

With President Lee Todd blogging and UK Athletics tweeting about the latest news in sports, it was only a matter of time before another UK entity joined the social networking craze. UKHealthCare has recently started using Web sites like Facebook, Twitter and YouTube to better connect with their patients in this technological age, according to […]

Unexpected death of Michael Jackson causing media frenzy

Kind of like the shot heard around the world, the sighs and gasps could be heard from miles away Thursday as news slowly surfaced that legendary pop icon Michael Jackson had died. Earlier that day, America also lost a cheerful angel in beloved actress Farrah Fawcett. Thursday, June 25, just was not a great day […]

Slots bill must be passed for industry’s survival

Politics as usual dominated the recent Kentucky special government session called by Gov. Steve Beshear to address concerns about a projected $1 billion revenue shortfall for the 2009-10 fiscal year.  The elected representatives of Kentucky acted like college students ready to get off campus as quickly as they could for summer break as they discussed […]

Raised wages leading state in right direction

Being college students, it’s pretty easy to clean your pockets out and get slapped in the face with the big overdrawn fee month after month. However, Kentucky seems to be paying attention to the hard economic times — not only for the simple college student, but for the rest of the state as well — […]

Textbook rentals could benefit students, stores

Renting a movie is kind of like trial and error. You rent one movie only to find you don’t like it, so, you simply return it for a better one. While renting textbooks doesn’t exactly adopt this same philosophy, it does offer a better solution. Area universities have been trying out a new program with […]

Army 101 offers job opportunities during hard times

With the economy in a downward spiral, getting a job straight out of college is becoming less and less promising. However, Fort Knox, a Kentucky army base just south of Louisville, has opened up 1,400 jobs. Not only did they create jobs, but they are now taking the time to educate students on how to […]

After classes, grab a summer Kernel and head to the pool


It’s summer, yeah. But that six-letter word doesn’t necessarily mean a three-month relaxation period for all. Summer, which is commonly associated with exotic destinations, fruity drinks and an extreme amount of pool time, is not a reality for those stuck here in Lexington working full time or taking summer classes. It is 574 miles to […]