Stronger graduation guidance must be offered to students

It seems a long time coming, but by this December, I will be a UK graduate. After five years of school, commencement will be sweet. However, taking five years to graduate is not a new trend. The Department of Education’s National Center for Education Statistics found that about 40 percent of students graduate from college […]

Student Affairs report a good start to change

If you were to rank the most important departments, initiatives and plans at UK, how far down the list would you go to find Student Affairs? The Student Affairs Portfolio Review Committee, commissioned by Provost Kumble Subbaswamy, apparently believes the Division of Student Affairs needs to be worked more into the overall plans of the […]

Experimental music leads to more diverse, intertwined culture

Column by Wesley Robinson Growing up, I used to feel awkward for liking some of the music I did, because some of it I wasn’t supposed to like. Culturally, enjoying rock, pop and alternative music was not necessarily an acceptable thing to do. However, with the way radio stations work, record label cross-promotion strategies, and […]

Fox News is not only biased media network

I am writing in response to Derek Brown’s recent column about the biasness of Fox News. Yes, Fox News is biased, but, in case you hadn’t noticed, so are CNN and MSNBC. It is unfair to a particular news organization to say that they are biased and no others are simply because you disagree with […]

Dead Week proposal feeds into student laziness

In response to “Dead Week plan allows focus on final class exams”: Give me a break. I am a recent college graduate living in the real world and proposals like this do a disservice to all students. Here’s an update: Life is hard and stressful and there are no dead weeks. Furthermore, the only reason […]

Dead Week plan allows focus on final class exams

Finals are always a stressful time of year for any student. Whether the finals are easy or hard, long or short, it’s always a pull-your-hair-out time during the semester where Red Bull or Full Throttle replaces your usual drink of choice, becoming a new — and highly unhealthy — component of your daily diet. It’s […]

Recent tax protests just one example of Fox News’ bias

Column by Derek Brown Wednesday was marked on the calendars of many Americans across the country as a reminder of the tax deadline. Other Americans, however, had the day marked for a nationwide protest. In a poor attempt to connect with past American history, thousands took to the streets with tea bags to show disdain […]