Students must utilize struggling businesses

Letter to Editor by Tyler Williams It’s easy to see why many businesses on South Limestone are struggling. The flow of traffic is the flow of blood to nearly all local businesses, and the construction on South Limestone is cutting off that blood flow to many businesses, leaving them to wither and potentially die.  This […]

Prohibition hardly stops campus smoking problem

Letter to Editor by Michael Kegley Something needs to be done about the smoking prohibition throughout the UK Medical Centers.  I don’t think the administrators realized the lengths that smokers will go to beat the system in order to get that cigarette down. It’s embarrassing as a member of the university and Lexington community to […]

Weight issues easy to slim down with exercise

Column by Tim Riley Simply stated, a synergy exists between things when their whole is greater than the sum of their parts. For instance, everyone would rather eat a well-prepared pizza than work their way through piles of its various ingredients. In order to maximize the quality of their life, people are constantly searching for […]

UK Catering needs to stop wasting food

Column by Jordan Knotts As an employee over the last year for UK Catering Services, I have been on campus a great deal, and acquired a much greater appreciation for how many different organizations and events take place around the university everyday. I have realized how much UK has to offer, and how busy the […]

Lexington focusing on wrong problem

With the Streetscape Master Plan, which is blocking off parts of Limestone and hurting local businesses, Lexington is intent on improving downtown in time for the 2010 World Equestrian Games. But it seems Lexington has been focusing on the wrong section of downtown to improve. According to a Sept. 8 Kernel article, two people, one […]

Campus controversies heating up for school year

Column by Zac Kiser For the past couple weeks, I have been debating on what campus or national issue to write my first column of the semester about. During the many failed attempts and many late nights staring at a blank word document, I slowly began to come to a shocking conclusion about the atmosphere […]