Americans obsessed with Hollywood, not every day heroes

Column by Zachary Kiser In the spirit of Finals Week, let’s take a quick informal quiz. Can you name the last three winners of the Academy Award for Best Actor? What is the name of Miley Cyrus’ boyfriend? How many times has Britney Spears been admitted to a hospital for “exhaustion?” Finally, can you name […]

Vaccine requires further study on adverse effects

Any female student who has been to the Kentucky Clinic since 2007 has probably experienced the same thing. Whether they’ve been in to receive treatment for a common cold or for a yearly physical, they’ve most likely received a spiel about the benefits of a new “wonder drug.” Gardasil is the first vaccine developed to […]

Pointless government regulations threaten core American liberties

Column by Jacob Sims Not long ago, I literally laughed out loud when I read an article about a county judge overturning a ban on saggy pants. Riviera Beach’s ordinance banning saggy pants — overwhelmingly approved by voters — is unconstitutional. County Judge Laura Johnson held that no matter how “tacky or distasteful” the fashion […]

Recent Facebook report lacks adequate research


Column by Wesley Robinson Can we stop blaming Facebook for everything? I mean, seriously, it would be nice for little ol’ Facebook to be able to mind its own business and be the social networking tool it was designed to be, rather than the subject of criticism for any and everything under the sun. This […]

The search for authentic cuisine extends beyond fast food

Although I found the idea of it nothing short of laughable, I was not shocked to discover P.F. Chang’s voted “Best Oriental Cuisine” in Monday’s edition of the Kernel. I haven’t the slightest idea how this was decided, but P.F. Chang’s is about as authentic as any run of the mill Chinese buffet, which is […]

UK is making strides toward real diversity and little campus backlash

Two years ago, a small office opened in the Student Center, just down the hall from where the Student Government office sits. Two bathrooms had occupied the space before. The doors are glass, hiding nothing. The small office OUTsource occupies — a place where gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender, queer, questioning and ally students can go […]