Internships provide invaluable experience

Column by Sylvia Miga “Do you realize that you are going to be working for free?” was one of the first questions I was asked before I accepted my internship. Working for free at an internship was something I had considered normal, especially since in the U.S., unpaid internships are considered common. However, in Poland, […]

Church offers escape from boring services

Column by David Rempfer If you are reading this newspaper and you have ever been to a boring church service, please raise your hand. If we’re being perfectly honest about this, there should be hands raised all over campus right now. Most of our generation has deemed the ide How To Get Back With Your […]

Road construction cripples businesses, council to blame

If you haven’t noticed the mess on South Limestone, then you may want to talk to one of the business owners that the construction is affecting. Pazzo’s, Tolly Ho and the other staples for college life claim not to have lost much business, but the establishments a little farther down the road are seeing major […]

Faulty system greatly exploits the needs of students

Column by Austin Hill Students who have given up time through the latter years of school have minimized opportunities to make money, taking low-to-no paying positions with internships or work studies. After the struggle of keeping the bills paid during those strenuous times, the knowledge they sacrificed for becomes vague or clouded experience when not […]

Modern relationships defy traditions

Column by Tim Riley Sit in a philosophy class long enough and one will notice the same theme occurring again and again — balance. It’s vital to know when to use the carrot and when to bring out the stick. Let these opposing points slip out of balance and the slow road to disaster has […]

Settling myths of insurance coverage

Column by Justin Lamb Increasing access to health care in this country would seem like a pretty noble goal, but one look at the cable news networks would lead you to believe otherwise. The health care reform debate has devolved into an utter circus. While there will always be disagreements over how to tackle the […]

Reform essential for health care

Unless you have been hiding out in a cave the last six months, you have probably seen or read something about health care coverage in the U.S.  One of President Barack Obama’s main objectives while in the White House is to reform health care to provide coverage for every U.S. citizen.  After a summer full […]