After classes, grab a summer Kernel and head to the pool


It’s summer, yeah. But that six-letter word doesn’t necessarily mean a three-month relaxation period for all. Summer, which is commonly associated with exotic destinations, fruity drinks and an extreme amount of pool time, is not a reality for those stuck here in Lexington working full time or taking summer classes. It is 574 miles to […]

Words not enough to summarize columnist’s experience

Column by Tim Riley 700 words left to write. I better get started and learn to be succinct. 686 words remaining to write about local, state, national and international politics. That seems like just enough to say something that will have somebody think I’m a complete idiot. In that amount of space it would be […]

UK, Lexington must respect all members of the community

Homeless people are people too. The Lexington community doesn’t just contain UK students and doesn’t just contain those who have a home to go to every night. The people you see on the streets every day are real people and deserve the support of the community. The Kentucky Council on Homeless Policy drafted a “10-Year […]

Miss California, Hilton lack understanding of real issues

Column by Andrew Waldner An open letter to Perez Hilton: Give it a rest. Perez Hilton has made a living out of being obnoxious. On his Web site, it’s typically entertaining. He takes annoying celebrities to task for their misdeeds without mercy, and usually makes you laugh a bit in the process. His latest tirade, […]

Scholarship opportunities need to be available to nontraditional students

I am a single father and a nontraditional student. While researching scholarship opportunities offered by Adult Student Services, I was troubled to find that I only met the qualification for one. The organization lists seven nontraditional scholarships and five are available to single mothers. Scholarship opportunities should be a resource for both genders as both […]

Dalai Lama should attend upcoming peace conference

Currently, China is ruling the world. Most recently, South Africa refused the Dalai Lama a visa to attend a peace conference to be held in Johannesburg. The country is hosting the 2010 World Cup, and their reasoning behind the denial was that they felt the presence of the Dalai Lama would distract from the intent […]

Obama’s chances of re-election depend on impact of first 100 days

Column by Travis Waldron Ever since Franklin Delano Roosevelt became president in 1933, the First Hundred Days a president is in office is closely charted, as if it is more significant than any other hundred-day period during a president’s term. While FDR — and other presidents, for that matter — have been wildly successful in […]