Bonus turndown long time coming

Budget cuts and tuition raises in the last two years have forced students and faculty to do their part to keep UK on its feet.   Finally,  one of UK’s administrators is taking his turn.  Board of Trustees Executive Chair Mira S. Ball said UK President Lee Todd will turn down his $168,000 bonus citing an […]

UK students in path of seasonal flu outbreak

Column by David Ritchie Since the first case of the H1N1 outbreak this spring, the formerly unbeknownst four-letter word – or abbreviation rather – has quickly become a household name.  Initially termed the “swine flu” for its genetic similarities to strains of Influenza. A virus found in pigs, it has since been more appropriately declared […]

Smoking ban leaves too much in the open

­­­­­Maybe it’s time students took to the streets. Not in a burn-cars-and-couches riot in the street, but a normal stroll down Rose Street, Euclid and South Limestone should work just fine. On and after Nov. 19, those will become the new, unofficial smoking areas for UK’s campus. With UK’s effort to get campus tobacco-free by […]

Past Kernelites, editors provide rich history of university progress

Column by Kenny Colston The article below, reprinted from the Sept. 29, 1964 issue of the Kernel, is one of the most controversial, but important, editorial columns ever written at the Kernel. The writer, David Hawpe, was one of many Kernel writers and editors who shaped the newspaper’s image into what it is today. Yes, […]

What of Quieter Victories?

Editorial by David Hawpe In the dressing room after his team’s victory over Ole Miss Saturday, coach Charlie Bradshaw said, tearfully, “Let me ask you… is it worth it?” Certainly this is an appropriate time to ask that question. Now that three years of persistence have produced a dramatic victory, is it possible to weigh […]

Sensitive topics must be handled delicately


Column by Sean Taylor I’ll never forget my first day on campus at the University of Kentucky. Walking up the sidewalk that splits the two sides of the student center, I was hit by a loud voice booming from the nearby grass, “You’re going to hell!” I was admonished. For a few minutes, I watched […]

Kernel misrepresented campus parking issues

Letter to Editor by Don Thornton I am writing in response to the Sept. 9 article “New rules for moped riders cause concern”. I would like to clarify some points made in the article. As the article says, moped and scooter riders must now obtain an M permit, which allows them to park in moped/motorcycle […]

Tobacco ban unenforceable, impractical

Column by Matthew Fox As the Nov. 19 smoking ban quickly approaches, controversies surrounding this new statute will, naturally, grow in intensity. I know this column will simply add fuel to that fire, however this is an issue that has received very little attention so far this school year. The smoking ban, for those that […]

Street closings affect areas beyond surface

When will the city finally get the message about South Limestone? Underground Ink and Piercing is the first casualty of the South Limestone construction and it doesn’t look like it will be the last. Other businesses, including Bombay Brazier and Hanna’s on Lime, are taking notice that their overall business has declined and that future […]