UK Alerts must inform students in assault cases and recent campus attacks not reported immediately


It was bad enough that UK alerts were only sent out to students during ongoing instances of crime instead of after every crime. According to a Jan. 15 Kernel article, UK spokeswoman Kathy Johnson said it was only necessary to alert students during such instances. For example, active shooters warranted an alert, but one-time assaults […]

Basketball has become UK’s top priority despite more pressing issues

Congratulations, UK is finally number one. After years of talking about the Kentucky “uglies” and the role of UK in the life of the Commonwealth, our priorities have become crystal clear. Leadership is about establishing priorities consistent with overall goals. Obviously, UK’s administration has spoken, and UK basketball is priority number one. What is sad […]

Students must make sacrifices during economic hard times

Column by Zachary Kiser Webster’s defines the word déjà vu as, “something overly or unpleasantly familiar.” This is the exact phrase I would use to describe what I saw in the pages of the Kernel yesterday. Apparently, university administration is considering reducing library hours at Willy T in an effort to cut costs in these […]

Small, sure tasks will lead to success for new SG president

Just two short weeks ago, Ryan Smith was elected Student Government president for the 2009-10 school year. Though he hasn’t even assumed his new position, Smith’s win has already been contested. A few petty accusations later, it’s time for Smith and Co. to start thinking seriously about next year and what they want to — […]

Political party affiliation doesn’t eliminate government corruption

Column by Jacob Sims Throughout our beginning, it was a common consensus among the philosophers and political officials that constructed our Constitution and our country that excessive power was a negative attribute to our government. The founders crafted a variety of formulas in hopes of restricting its power, including the Bill of Rights, a system […]

Petty claims not enough to change SG election and candidates look foolish

People will do just about anything out of desperation, and that was no exception with the recent Student Government elections. While campaign flyers still littered classrooms, the first complaint was filed against presidential candidate Ryan Smith. The complaint was petty: A member of Ryan Smith’s ticket, Kelsey Hayes, had charged her phone 25 feet of […]

Film inappropriate during annual Jewish celebration

April 8 was the first night of Passover, the annual Jewish celebration of the flight from slavery in Egypt. One hopes it was in ignorance that the University of Kentucky felt this an appropriate time to show the film “Valkyrie,” a Hollywood glorification of Nazi general Claus von Stauffenberg. The film is an alarming example […]

UK Parking should have stuck to its guns with bike fee

Those who cried out against the new campus bike permit plan’s $15 registration fee can breath a sigh of relief. It’s over. UK Parking and Transportation Services — who designed the permit plan and announced it last week — said in a campus wide e-mail Friday that the fee would be eliminated. The $15 was […]

Hollywood uses movie formulas that will sell

Column by Tim Riley There is a dark, terrible secret to the world of Hollywood movies that some people like to ignore. It explains so much about what kind of movies are made and the ideas contained within them. It’s not complex, and it is fairly obvious. Hollywood makes movies to make money. The executives […]

UK Housing must find permanent solution for residence halls

It seems UK Housing cannot make up its mind. Housing officials closed Jewell Hall during the Spring 2008 semester, but reopened for the 2008-09 school year. In the fall, Jewell was filled to its 108-person capacity and was closed over Winter Break, forcing students into other dorms, according to a Monday Kernel article. Now, Jewell […]