Housing proposal benefits nobody

The following is a Web comment in response to “Renovating the neighborhood: City inspections, plan challenge student living” The housing proposal, as it currently stands, is good for no one. It leaves property owners with empty homes, students with no place to live and creates far more problems than it ever hoped to solve. The […]

At halfway point, UK’s Top 20 Plan far from goals

UK’s Top 20 Plan is the main litmus test for the overall direction of the university and so far UK is having trouble reaching its marks. According to a Wednesday Oct. 7 Kernel article, UK doubled its research expenditures and increased enrollment by 3,000 students. While those numbers definitely show progress toward the goals of […]

Protesting needs focus for true impact

Column by Matt Christy The President of the United States is in his motorcade on a chilly, rainy morning in Washington, D. C.  He looks out of his window and sees the sidewalk covered with protesters. They have been waiting in the rain and the wind with signs and banners supporting their political opinions, hoping […]

Semester overseas broadening horizons

Column by Bryan Kennedy In the past I have written articles of a very opinionated nature. But this article is one that is much different. For the next three months I will be studying abroad in Seville, Spain. About once a month I will be sending in an article to the Kernel to tell everyone […]

Today’s students lack focus, respect

Letter to Editor by George Fry I have become distraught and appalled at the seemingly majority of attitudes exhibited by the students here on campus, a revered and noble institution that my great grandfather was fortunate to have hailed from back in the late 1800s. Walking around campus, a simple hello is seldom met with […]

Student housing plan comes down to city being irresponsible

Students are finally being exposed to some of the city’s legitimate arguments against their habitation of residential areas around Lexington, at least that’s what they want you to think. According to a Monday Kernel article, Lexington Fire Marshal James Branham said in a random inspection of about 14 houses in residential neighborhoods around campus, 12 […]

Diversity can only enhance university

Column by Wesley Robinson I have lived in Kentucky for almost nine years, and while I have become quite accustomed to Lexington and Louisville, one of the main reasons I still feel like a visitor is the cultural climate of the area. I was born in Tacoma, Wash., in an area with completely different ethnic […]

Health care debate needs increased student activism

Column by Richard Becker When I arrived at the urgent treatment center last Thursday, I was unsure just what had been causing my cough, chills, body aches and feverishness. Of course, I had an inkling of what it might be, but I didn’t know for sure.  By the time I left, I had been definitively […]