Presidential czars not just Obama’s, have historical presence

Column by Justin Lamb I feel that I’ve been spending quite a bit of time lately responding to and correcting falsehoods and misrepresentations about President Barack Obama and his agenda.  Today will, unfortunately, be no different.  From the tea party protesters at the National Mall, to cable news, and yes even on our own campus, […]

UK’s tobacco ban mandates more thought, fairness

If you thought UK wasn’t ready to enforce the tobacco ban then you may change your mind, as the university has another problem on its hands beyond the vaguely enforceable measure. Before Nov. 19 administration also must now address the dangers of secondhand smoke along with determining how to keep people from abusing the arbitrary […]

Major issues require deeper thought

Column by Richard Becker Last week in Memorial Coliseum, environmental activist and attorney Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. issued a clarion call to his audience to stand up and defend our environment from plunderers who would destroy it for profit. He possessed the detail of a lawyer delivering a closing argument, the poetry of a great […]

Lecture stressed need energy policy change

Letter to Editor by Shannon Frazer In a country where coal and oil share the reign over the energy kingdom and all of its loyal subjects, the American people, Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. dares to suggest change. While attending his lecture Wednesday evening at Memorial Coliseum, I was inspired to consider the suggestion that there […]

Fraternity ban sets example for hazing reform

There always is and always will be  rumor and innuendo surrounding hazing  as long as fraternities and sororities exist on college campuses. This is justifiable, as hazing is something that is largely tied, but not exclusive, to the Greek section of campus. Having an individual learning the ropes, paying dues, or earning their stripes through […]

Bike permits miss sustainability target

Column by Mahan Ellison On behalf of a quiet collective of bike commuters, I would like to express frustration with Parking and Transportation Services (PTS) new implementation of required registration for bicycles.   I write for the collective of conscientious and law-abiding commuters, and we are not a group to be overlooked.  We lock our bikes […]