True justice needs to persist against all time periods

Following the 1998 Lewinsky scandal in Washington, Peggy Noonan — conservative author, columnist for the New York Times and former speech writer for Ronald Reagan — gave her opinion on the debate of whether our country should go about prosecuting President Bill Clinton. “The Democrats had long labeled the impeachment debate a distraction from the […]

Cats Den programming should not be dismissed

In your recent editorial, you mentioned the perception that the Student Center is dead after hours. We would like to take a few moments to address this gross misconception and present a few simple facts: This year, over 120,000 students have enjoyed our facility since we opened our programming season in August. With over 150 […]

Misuse of spending can be curbed by in-depth investigation

With cost-cutting measures already being implored by UK, one department failed to get the message. During the random internal investigation of around 20 departments, UK auditors found the misuse of more than $20,000 in the College of Pharmacy, according to a Thursday Kernel article. Because of that, four employees were fired. The department in question […]

Student Center provides great programming and Kernel must research instead of blindly reporting

The problem with the recent Kernel editorial on the current makeup of Student Affairs is that it didn’t go far enough in its investigation. If it did, it would have done more than just report the ridiculous statements made in the committee report. What needs to be done to “fix the problem” of general programming […]

Tuition tax credit is heading in the right direction and volunteering requirement should be reevaluated

Sometimes great things come to those who wait. The tuition tax credit promised to American students by Barack Obama may not be quite as beneficial as originally planned, yet. Instead of a $4,000 tax credit per year with 100 hours of community service, there is only a $2,500 tax credit with no community service requirement. […]

Torture allegations nothing new with Bush administration

Column by Andrew Waldner The latest issue getting everyone all hot and bothered is torture. President Barack Obama released memos used by the Bush administration to justify torture, but has sent mixed signals about pursuing prosecutions for those involved. If you’ve been alive and breathing, you know that this attempt at the middle ground has […]

UK hypocritical with tobacco ban

UK is here and was built because of tobacco. For over 200 years, tobacco funded this university. For the university to totally ban tobacco from campus is wrong in so many ways. How can UK call itself a diverse university when we discriminate against cigarette smokers? Is UK going to give up the research money […]

Obama’s plan will help bring needed freedom to Cubans

Column by Joe Gallenstein We have, over the past eight years, seen what can potentially happen when we demonize those who do not agree with our nation’s policies, and the difficulty to make progress in diplomatic crises this can result in. Over those years we have seen some of our allies become scornful of our […]