Person hit by train near State Street

A person was hit by a train near the post-game gatherings on State Street on Monday night, said Sherelle Roberts, Lexington police spokeswoman.

The individual was found alive by the Lexington Fire Department, Roberts said. The Fire Department got to the individual via Burley Avenue, which sits across the tracks from Transcript Avenue near State Street.

Lexington police officer Chris Young said, to his understanding, it was not a life-threatening injury.

It appeared that the individual stumbled into the train while it was either stopped or just starting to go, Young said. When the train started to move, it threw the individual off to the side of the tracks, he said. It appeared that being flung to the side of the tracks is what injured the individual, Young said.

An ambulance was seen taking the individual away from the scene at about 1:10 a.m. Tuesday.